Husband Finds Out That His Wife Is Cheating So He Decides To Leave Some Notes For Her Lover

Husband Finds Out That His Wife Is Cheating So He Decides To Leave Some Notes For Her Lover

It is really hard to even think about what you would do if you found out your partner is cheating. Would you just leave or would you confront them?

The following story is one exceptionally interesting way of how a man dealt with his cheating wife. The moment he was sure that he is being cheated on, he left some notes for his wife’s other man.

The note said that he was aware of the situation and he is not mad but he wants this man to do some things for him:

  • He asked the cheater to start putting the toilet seat down because it gets annoying for him to get blamed for something he is not responsible for.
  • Thanks to the other man now the husband gets more fishing trips, but he asks him to stop drinking the beer. Maybe drink few, but not all of them. He understands that this new guy needs few drinks to make his wife look more attractive, but he also needs some beer for when he gets back home.
  • In a situation when the cheater drinks all of the beer he asks him to be a decent person and buy some more or leave money for beer.
  • He also asks the cheater to replace the toilet paper after he uses it all because his little son ignores to clean up when he sees that there is no toilet paper.
  • The cheater should also clean the house now and then, but never to touch his laundry because he does it better.
  • He asks the cheater to stop lying to his children that he just an uncle because they are not stupid.
  • He asks the cheater to stop turning the heat up as he is not the one who is paying for it.
  • He advises the cheater that if the lady asks him if she is fat, he should say no by any means. Because saying yes would lead to her buying more clothes and not stopping to stuff her face with ice cream.
  • He asks the cheater to not touch the cookies and the cake because they are from his mother.
  • He also asks the cheater to sit normally in his recliner because when he tried to relax after doing so many chores he noticed a dent that rolled him to the left.

Lastly, he is thanking the cheater for taking his wife out for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to that he saved some money because she did not have much space in her stomach when she went out with him.

He is hoping that the cheater will go after all these terms as it is kind of stupid to charge his wife for adultery. In return, he will give him a heads up every time he goes on a trip.

He also gave him heads up on the camping trip he was planning with his children and he told him where to find the vodka.

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