Here’s What Husbands Hate About Their Wives

Here’s What Husbands Hate About Their Wives

Let’s face the facts – men don’t like everything about their wives, no matter how much they love them. In fact, they hate some stuff which indicates far more about their relationship or marriage than any other grand gesture. Here are 10 things husbands hate about their wives:

They Hate Seeing You in Pain

There’s nothing more heartbreaking for a man than to see his wife or girlfriend suffer in pain. Men hate seeing their loved ones in pain, especially as it makes them feel helpless. Don’t shut your guy out when in pain – instead, talk to them. He’d do anything to help, so don’t deny him the chance.

They Hate It When You’re Hiding Pain

This is even worse than seeing you suffer in pain. Speaking with a muffled voice and avoiding eye contact can actually harm your relationship far more than letting him see you cry. If you’re crying in the bathroom at night and think he won’t notice, you’re wrong – he’s lying in his bed helpless knowing that he can’t solve your own troubles.

They Hate When You’re Not Around

When two people want to spend their lives together, they get so accustomed to each other’s presence that when one goes away for a trip or work it feels like they’ve lost a leg.

They Hate When You Doubt Your Abilities

You didn’t marry your husband because he was perfect – you married him because you saw the best in him. He did the same, so when your insecurities show up on the surface, talk to him. He hates seeing you doubt yourself very much, but he may give you the confidence that will ultimately help you.

They Hate It When Others Disrespect You

Men hate seeing others treat you bad. They are protective of their partner, so instead of arguing why he raised his voice to a rude cashier, remember that he’s doing it out of love.

They Hate It When You Compromise Your Identity for Them

Your husband didn’t marry a perfect model of a woman – he married you with all your flaws. Don’t change into a girl you think he’ll like more, as he loves you for who you are.

They Hate to See You Give Up

Failure is inevitable for us all, so don’t beat yourself up and give up. He hates seeing you like that, so pick yourself up and let him console you.

They Hate When You Pull Yourself Down

Even though he’ll support you while you work toward a better body, your husband didn’t marry you for your figure. Don’t body shame yourself or compare yourself to other women – he loves you just the way you are.

They Hate Making You Sad

No matter how much we try to avoid it, the bitter reality is that we often end up hurting those we love the most. There’s no easy answer to the question why he hurt you – he might have said things in the heat of the moment. However, you can be sure that if he truly loves you, he’ll be sorry for his behavior.

They Hate Not Seeing You Happy

Your significant other hates seeing you sad and unhappy, so when he asks you why you’re like that, don’t shut him out. He loves you and loves seeing you happy, so talk to him when you aren’t.

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