Husbands do stress women more than their children

Husbands do stress women more than their children

As we all know mothers tend to have more influence on the life of their child. This dates from ancient times, when men went out to hunt and women stayed in the caves to take care of their babies.

Even though a lot of time has passed since the ancestral era, it was just recently that women gained same rights as men to work and earn as much as they do.

You can check this statement with your grandmothers and see that many of them were housewives while their husbands were leaving the house for work.

Even though it may look as an easy job to take care of the children and the house, the reality is far from such and it requires a special gift to perform this tasks.

Every child goes through many stages and it is very difficult for a parent to confront these stages. Even though it can cause a great stress to the mother, it’s not impossible to be done.

Not receiving enough support while parenting is the greatest cause of stress

Both the mother and the father should participate equally in raising their child, but in reality, this comes to be only the mother’s job.

When a woman finds a man with whom she plans to spend the rest of her life, she expects that they will build their life together and share all the responsibilities that come in married life. Isn’t this a logical and expected thinking?

Men, on the other hand, defend their lack of involvement due to the fact that women are not willing to ask for their help.

We can conclude that there is only one simple solution to this problem and it is called communication. A husband and a wife that have created a good way to communicate with each other should be able to avoid unwanted problems and stress.

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