Husbands Stress Women Twice as Much as Children

Husbands Stress Women Twice as Much as Children

Studies point to the fact husbands cause twice the amount of stress children cause.

It’s the truth. Have you ever wondered why so many women speak to their best friends, their mom or their colleagues about their husband acting like a child? Because he is. Women are often tasked with being the chef, maid, teacher, nurse and chauffeur in the house. They feel like they are in charge of parenting their children, but their husbands also. Many wives feel like they aren’t getting the help they need from their partners, as they find it more and more challenging the above-mentioned tasks, even more so if they work long hours outside their home.

A survey by today with over 7000 moms concluded that the average mom has a stress level of 8.5/10, and an astounding 46% of them have said their husbands are the biggest cause of stress in the household, not their kids. The life of a mom can be very challenging and tough, notably if one’s husband is the half of the reason to cause even more stress.

Researches outlined:

  1. One fifth of moms, state that not having the help of their partners is a major stress source on a daily basis.
  2. 75% of moms with spouses claim they are doing most of the household duties and parenting.
  3. Moms say stress is caused by not having enough time to finish all their daily tasks.

Another interesting research comes from The University of Padova who have analyzed lifelong partners, their stress levels and their connection and how they are coping with the stress. It seems that in the case of the men losing their wives, their health deteriorates, whereas when women lose their partner they are coping much better with stress, depression and sorrow and their health is better. Researchers suspected the cause for this was the fact that women rely much less on their partner as opposed to men.

Why are men stressing their partners out?

There are definitely two viewpoints of any problem, even more so when two or more people are engaged. When both spouses are working long hours off home and get back home late, they have less or no time to do their household duties. While women are expecting that these duties should be divided in half for both of them, to offer and show support and het help from their partner, It is very common for these responsibilities to be falling on woman’s shoulders. Both in households of just partners, or both working parents, it is considered natural for the woman to do all the work at home.

Solution:  If you think or notice that the responsibilities around the house aren’t evenly split between you and your partner, talk to them. Making a to-do list together may also help, where the tasks are shared between both of you, do that for a week and see if it helps. It may also help to make a shared calendar on your phones, so that each one of you can see their tasks and not be worried about anything.

Spice up your relationship

It may seem that after a couple is married, it’s easier to lay back a bit more, focus on work, free time and other things you enjoy doing. But, the relationship with your partners shouldn’t be forgotten! You are both individuals, lovers, partners, and that love and passion is what connected you in the first place. Do not refuse and forget to share time together doing things you love, it will pay off on the long run.

Solution: Make an agreement with your partner to have a day off each week with no work, no kids and no business phone calls. Just the two of you. Keeping the connection between you and your partner strong enough can enhance the trust you have in one another and help you solve and talk about problems earlier and easier. It will also help you remember the times you have shared together, never allowing you to forget just how important you are to one another and the time, effort and love you have invested in the relationship. You being content, happy and loving each other is also a great example for the children, who will themselves feel more loved and happier.

Women can step back

The fact is, more often than not, every partner wants to be the best partner he can be in the relationship. It is easy to assume or say that your partner doesn’t do any work at home. However, the fact that women often don’t trust their husbands enough to give them any tasks shouldn’t be underestimated.

Solution: Women usually have their own visions about their perfect family and household and how it should look, but while seeking to make those visions reality they get tired of it themselves. Just ask your partner to do some work and split it. The thought of something not looking exactly like you’ve imagined may be daunting, but people also need to take care of themselves, which means getting regular sleep, enough free time and some relaxation. Even if this means the kids won’t go to school dressed to the nines, take your resting time.

A happy marriage is unfortunately something many fail to achieve, but it is perhaps the most essential thing you can give your loved ones and yourself.

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