Remember, when you ignore her, you teach her to live without you

Remember, when you ignore her, you teach her to live without you

If you want your women to desire you more, prepare yourself to play hard to get!  Behaving inappropriately will make her want you even more.

If you heard this advice before, please erase it from your memory! Forget it, make it vanish!  What you actually need to do is completely opposite of the above – mentioned.

Be rational!

If you truly love a woman, why would you act like this and why would you ignore her? Also there was one advice which says that you should move slowly and don’t be that direct. Again why would you act like this and why you cannot be honest with the person that you are in love?  We are all different, some of us are shy, others are just unsociable, but the truth will always appear on the surface.

The first thing that you can do right in one relationship is discovering your intentions and nothing but the truth. Thus you will connect more with your woman and you will grow together in your relationship.

You can try to move your phones away and putting the focus on your relationship. If you feel that you are insecure about certain things, you should have a conversation instead of typing and sending strange and jealous messages. Fill the moments with love and kindness. Make her feel appreciated and loved. Because if she feels ignored, she will lose interest and she will try to find someone else!

List of some advice that will nurture your relationship

1. Discuss about your experiences

Telling about your experiences can make the relationship even stronger. Thus you can learn where did you go wrong and how to stop doing this in the future.

2. Mutual understanding

Talking about any problems in your relationship and finding a way to solve them is a proof that shows that you can understand each other really good.

3. Talk about your goals

Share your goals, your ideas and anything that you think that it would be interesting and useful for your relationship

4. Plan to have special time together

Visiting new places and learning about new cultures together will make you want each other even more.  It is not about the money, it is the desire and the wish to organize things and to travel together

5. Humor

We constantly face stress and unpleasant situations. Make your days bright, laugh together. Thus the stress will be reduced and the tensions will disappear.

6. Improving the relationship by acknowledging it as multi-dimensional

Accepting the fact that your relationship is multi-dimensional is a big plus. You have finally made a step forward of making your relationship healthy.

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