What you notice first on this image can discover your deepest fears

What you notice first on this image can discover your deepest fears

When there is a danger, the fear is a natural response to it. But, if we have some emotional burden that we carry on in our minds, our psyche can connect strange things with a certain type of danger.

This picture will analyze our deepest fears.

The image connects the figures with the fear, because it shows a skull which symbolize the deepest fear. The first thing that you’ll notice on the picture is connected with the thing that you are most afraid of.

Take a look!

What is the first thing that you have noticed?

1. A child

If the first thing you have noticed on this picture is the little girl, your fear is connected with something that happened to you in the childhood.

If you don’t resolve this issue it can become a problem when you are adult. It can appear as certain type of fear, addiction, and inadequate wishes.

The connection with your mother is very important for your personal development. If one child doesn’t spend time with the mother, or if the mother doesn’t pay attention to her child, this will be later reflected as fear.

These types of children will develop in insecure and irresponsible adults.

This type of trauma can appear in different life phases. It doesn’t mean that it would be in the childhood but it can also be in the infancy phase or even in the perinatal phase.

2. Butterfly

If the butterfly is the first thing that you have seen on this image, it means that you always shine with your positive energy. On the other hand, this symbolizes something dark.

In dreams, butterfly is usually described as a start of something new or some big opportunities.

If the butterfly is bright it is a sign of something good and if the butterfly has no color, then it is about a chance or an opportunity that is being missed.

The fear related with the butterfly is fear from the death or fear from something that we don’t know about. Also it can be a fear of something that we missed in the past and it can’t be taken back. There is also one explanation that this reflects our sorrow for some close people who passed away and we can’t take them back.

3.  Strawberry

This type of fruit is in the very center of the image. The strawberry is larger than the one we actually have seen it and it represents a heart. This is the symbol of one past love. It also represents hurt feelings and heartbreak.

Like the legend says: Every tear that fell on the ground from the sorrow of Goddess Venus because of the Adonis’ death was turned into strawberry.

If the first thing that you have noticed on this picture is strawberry, then you are having hard times for finding love. You are scared of it and you prefer to be alone.

This fear originates back from the childhood. If your parents weren’t showing their feelings and they didn’t love each other this is usually reflected later in our lives. Moreover, this resistance towards love can be from a terrible heartbreak or a toxic relationship.

The size of the strawberry symbolizes the amount of love you have to share. You don’t want to open yourself because you are afraid of being hurt again.

4. Spider

It is not a surprise that you are afraid of spiders. Everyone is! This little insect is here to warn us about the little dangerous things around.

The spider symbolizes fear of unsafe environment.

If this is the first thing that you have noticed on this picture, then it is about being unable to feel safe in the environment.

You are always wasting your time to find something that is unsafe even in the safest places. You can’t really enjoy in the beautiful things and you always ruin your plans because of stupid things. You might have issues with anxiety and panic attacks.

Your apprehensive behaving comes from the parents who are worried about you all the time or it can be something that you have created it.

5. Trees

The best psychoanalysis is based on the location of the tree that the person will draw it on a paper.

The tree usually symbolizes the origin or the roots. If the trees form a bridge, it means that we have some inner issues that are not solved. Or it is about emotional instability.

If the tree is the first thing that has caught your attention, you are afraid from the emotional instability. You cannot accept some things and you continue to live in that picture.

We know which are our weaknesses and doubts, but it is really hard when someone announce this to you in your face.

6. Teddy Bears

When we were kids, our best friend except for the kids next door, was the teddy bear. We used to hug it, to sleep with it, even we talked to it.

The teddy bear is a symbol of understanding, safety and love. When the children are scared they usually fight this by hugging their teddy bears.

But be careful! The teddy bears on this picture are not like those that we used to hug when we were kids. This shows that we have fears from being afraid.

This usually happened in the early childhood. You got scared and there was no one to tell you that everything is going to be okay, and now you have issues and you can’t overcome this obstacle. Thus you developed as a person that can’t trust anyone or a person that cannot be alone.

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