12 Indicators That You’re Dealing With An Evil And Wicked Person

12 Signs to Help You Discover if Someone is Evil

It is a common belief that most people are kind and positive, sad to say, some of them are not. There are also wicked people out there whose character is a mixture of indifference, intelligence and pretension. Their forever goal is to dominate and defeat someone or something and even though they appear friendly at first, sooner or later their true personality will come up. One thing they are certainly not – a shoulder to cry on.

The following 12 signs will help you discover if someone is evil:

1.They refuse to face reality

They can’t seem to face the real life and they live in constant denial. The ability to identify the truth is not part of their character.

2. They manipulate truth

Playing mind games is something they are experts at. They manage to hurt certain individuals by manipulating the truth.

3. They will hide things from you

You can often see them hiding information in order to manage and rule a certain situation. Their plans often put other people’s integrity in danger.

4. They deceive others

No matter how bad your situation is, they will do everything to make it even worse by manipulating the facts. The truth is always opposite of what they say it is.

5. They don’t feel bad as near as bad as the things they do to others

Evil people will make sure no one stands in their way. If their goal is to hurt you they will go through with their plan no matter what it takes since your pain is their pleasure.

6. They are liars

These individuals can be categorized as pathological liars because they lie so often and they even find it satisfying. Trying to deceive someone from their surrounding is some type of amusement for them.

7. They always blame others

Whenever they do something wrong, they refuse to take the blame because that’s simply not in their moral code. They more willingly will accuse the others for their own actions.

8. They will always try to use you

As we previously mentioned, manipulation is something they do best. You always need to have in mind that for them, you’re just an obstacle to the success of their plan.

9. They will never be there for you

True friendship is not something they are quite familiar with. As long as things are good, they will be there but the first moment they sense the opposite, they vanish.

10. They are over dominant

The arrogance that narcissistic individuals have is a product of the power they have upon other people. Supremacy is their food and they love making people around them feel bad and worthless.

11. They are double- dealing

Deceiving and manipulating others is a characteristic all evil people have and use and it’s not a surprise if they live parallel lives and they play with other people lives like they do with yours.

12. They are a waste of time

You should always have in mind that they are ready to waste your valuable time in order to accomplish something. They will make sure to stop you from going forward with fulfilling your dreams and keep you away from your close friends and family.

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