There is a Reason Why Intelligent People Prefer to be Less Social, and Here is Why

There is a Reason Why Intelligent People Prefer to be Less Social, and Here is Why

There are lot of people who would rather read a book than go outside and socialize, and that’s not something unusual. These people would choose some silent countryside rather than noisy and busy cities. But, instead of labeling them as anti-social, these people could actually be geniuses.

According to some study, this kind of people find it more satisfying to be alone than to be surrounded by a bunch of people. Also, these people tend to have higher intelligence.

The study also said that the happiness of these people lays in their solitude. In fact, the study also determined that all people, in general, are happier when they live in less populated areas. Also, the happiness is linked with the interactions with people who are close to us and not to some strangers or random people.

From all the people who took place in this research, those who had high intelligence reported that they prefer less social interactions.

This was also the case when they socialized with their close friends. They would rather not talk to people no matter who they are.

The reason for this could be that these people focus on long-term objectives, and they do not have time for meaningless interactions.

Those people who we call nerds actually are onto something and that is why they would rather stay home and not waste time with other people.

On the other hand, we have the “Savannah Theory”, according to which our happiness is found the same way that our ancestors did. Population density in the savannah is low and therefore interactions with other humans would be very important for the survival.

The study is suggesting that people who have high intelligence have evolved past the need to constantly interact with other people.  These people would focus on activities that are beneficial to the entire world’s economic and intellectual rise. Compared to our ancestors, today we do not need as much interaction as they did.

Maybe you should not feel weird when your desire to go out is decreasing; you could be one of those geniuses.

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