What Irritates You The Most According to Your Zodiac Sign?

What Irritates You The Most According to Your Horoscope Sign?

Every once in a while something happens that sends us down the rage road, something small and insignificant but something that can make us feel irritated and annoyed beyond reason. Some people can be ticked off quite easily and burst into flames momentarily while others keep things brewing inside before they let themselves explode. Whichever group you belong to, some things simply get you off the rails and there’s nothing you can do about it. As much as you want to control it, there are some things you can’t put up with.

Have you ever thought about how your zodiac sign plays into this aspect of your character? Maybe there are some things that are in common for all zodiac signs when it comes to irritants and stuff that make you angry. If you thought that there may be something to this, we’re here to tell you that you’re 100% right. Every zodiac sign has his own way of handling anger and irritations and below you can learn a bit more about the things that make your sign angry and how to control it:


This zodiac sign is not good at controlling their emotions. They’re impulsive and erupt spontaneously at the moment they feel something brewing inside. Don’t get in the way of a raging Aries because they will run you over without looking back. There’s one positive thing to their anger, it doesn’t last long and they’re quick to withdraw once they calm down.


The Taurus is impatient and this makes get angry quite easily. They don’t like surprises and can get irritated if someone catches them off guard. They can’t stand instability and the feeling of insecurity, which is why this makes them act aggressively. They need time to get over their anger, so let them be alone until they calm down.


This zodiac sign has the habit of getting themselves all riled up over nothing. They’re massive over-thinkers, which makes them prone to blowing things out of proportions and creating a problem where there is none. They also know how to turn things around for them on their own and calm themselves.


Cancers can get super-emotional and clingy when things get tough, so they get upset and irritated when they don’t get the support they need in their difficult times. They can feel insecure by the lack of support and this can make them spiral out in anger and rage. They’re quick to judge people based on this and will shut you off from their life if they believe you’ve failed them.


The Leo doesn’t hide his anger, rather he wears it out proudly for everyone to see it. They can easily get angered and will let you know if you’re the reason for his anger. But as quickly as they get upset, they can calm down and move on. Just don’t get in their way and let them shout it out.


The Virgo is the type of person who will lash out on you when you step on their toes and won’t hesitate to shout it out if you upset them. This harsh side of their personality is what pushes people away from them and the Virgo doesn’t help with distancing themselves after the fight.


Libras are used to keeping their emotions to themselves, including feelings of anger or sadness, burying them so deep that no one can ever get a hint of how they really feel. However, at a certain point they just can’t suppress them any longer and lash out big time.


There’s nothing nice when the Scorpio gets angry, they just let you feel their rage and don’t hold back. They can really be mean when they’re angry and say some things that will hurt you deeply. You should always be careful not to anger the Scorpio because you really don’t want to feel their wrath.


You can never get the Sagittarius angry, they can become sad or depressed when they’re upset, but they’re never angry. They tend to act upbeat and happy when they’re around people so it’s quite difficult to interpret how they really feel inside. If you believe the Sagittarius is upset just try to get them to open up because they’ll never tell you on their own.


The Capricorn’s angry mode is to distance themselves and avoid you, this is their best defense mechanism. As proud as they are, they’ll never tell you what upset them. Instead, they’ll bury themselves in work and other obligations so that they don’t have to deal with how they really feel. They’ll never admit to you nor themselves that something has made them angry.


The Aquarius is the zodiac sign that almost never gets angry. They enjoy life too much to let anger ruin things for them. Even if they get hurt or upset, you’ll never tell, because they’re good at pretending and suppressing their feelings inside. They may give themselves away by distancing them from you until they find a way to overcome their issues.


This zodiac sign makes himself angry, they don’t need anyone else’s help. They will just analyze something over and over in their head until they start feeling resentment over something that happened over a million years ago. They tend to become bitter and angry over something that happened in the past but somehow managed to resurface and haunt them to the present. Deal with an angry Pisces by trying to distance them from their negative thoughts and have them focus on something else.

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