Find Out the Weirdness of the Japanese’s Lifestyle to Long Lives and Slim Bodies

Find Out the Weirdness of the Japanese’s Lifestyle to Long Lives and Slim Bodies

We have all thought about Japanese’s good and young looking in both, men and women. They are pretty much the people who live longest in the entire world. People from all over the world have been trying to figure out the secret and the way to Japanese people’s healthiness. What do you think, what’s their secret?

The biggest influence in their lives has, unbelievably, the Japanese government. It produced many rules of which the weirdest one is about the maintained waistline. Mic stated that the people who live in Japan should obey this rule of maintained waistlines, or even the consequences of their faces. Adults between 40 and 74 years old must follow the waistline rule so that, men have to be less than 33.5 inches, and the women’s limit is 35.4 inches. In 2015 the country successfully reduced the overweight population to unbelievable 25%. This so called metabo-law started in 2008. The purpose of the establishment of this project within the Japanese people was to create a healthy nation. A nation which will be free of diabetes, many vascular diseases which means reducing the presence of high blood pressure, to control the levels of glucose and cholesterol and so on. This has helped the population to successfully reach a healthy aging. The companies and the government are supposed to strictly follow the rules and attend the sessions organized about this issue.

The Japanese people understood the importance of this regulation, so they created their own diets and rules to stay fit. Here are few of their diet rules.

The big Japanese secret


Japanese people are well known to be very busy during the day. But their big will to stay fit and to be healthy makes them exercise whenever they can. Exercising plays a big role in their lives. Even if they don’t have much time, they always choose to walk to work, or to climb up the stairs instead of using the elevator.

The method of eating

One of the best thing you can learn from the Japanese people is that you don’t have to ban yourself from eating some food. They believe that food should be served in smaller portions and people should chew it a bit slowly.

Food served in small portions

Aside from serving the food in small plates or bowls, these people pay much attention to the aesthetics of the food. The food made by the cooks can be so beautiful that you might end up feeling bad to eat it. They are known as the people who enjoy their food.

Cooking at home

You have probably heard about how much Japanese people enjoy eating fish. They mixed it with vegetables and they rarely eat fast food.

Cooking skills

They don’t like their food to be fried, instead, they tend to grill it or cook it on a steam. The dressings they cook are very light and easy to eat. They even use a small amount of oil.


The miso soup along with many small dishes on the side is the best part of the day for the Japanese people. They believe that the breakfast is one of the most important part during the day. They get the needed energy to pass through the day, and what is most important, they don’t feel full.

Reduced desserts

These people tend not to eat sugar at all. Obviously, they too can enjoy a little bit of ice cream once in a while, but the ice cream they make contains much less sugar than the regular one.


The rice contains large amount of carbohydrates, so it is used by the Japanese people most of the time.  They replace bread with rice. The most recent thing is that they replaced the famous white rice with a healthier brown rice (that contains more nutrients).

Drinking is ‘forbidden’ during meals

They believe that the body is cooled down by the liquids, so the process of digesting becomes harder. The body reduces more energy while drinking liquids, so you might feel hungry in a short while.

Hot water while bathing

Japanese people enjoy themselves in really hot baths. They make the water hot up to 40 degrees Celsius. It relaxes their muscles and calms down their nerves.

Japanese people live according to the saying that all the people are what they eat.

The most important elements in one Japanese diet are these:

The plan of Japanese’s diet


Like you’ve read above, they reduce the cholesterol and the fats by using rice as a main ingredient. By replacing the white one with the brown one, they enter more nutrients.


On daily basis these people consume around 50g of soybeans. In spite of the fact that soybeans can produce increased energy, it has many positive effects on the metabolism. The large amount of protein enables them to repair the human’s cells. The most significant effect they give is that they prevent cancer and osteoporosis.


The fact that Japanese people consume so much more vegetables than the Americans (5 times to be exact), makes them healthier and happier. Broccoli, cabbage and choy are the most used vegetables between the people in Japan. The seaweed is also something that they use big time.


Japanese people really enjoy eating the buckwheat noodles. They are known to have much less calories than the regular ones, and also, they are free of cholesterol.

Green Tea

The famous green tea is considered as the most helpful ‘tool’ in losing weight.


The benefit of Omega 3 helps these people to always have the bodies they want and look younger.


All the vitamins that the fruits have play big role in the Japanese people’s diets. The fruits also give them much more energy and have vitamins that make them lose weight. Due to the lower amount of fat and calories, the fruits are also really good to be used as a snack.

To conclude, all of the ingredients mentioned above, should be eaten in small portions. Also, the home cooked food is much healthier than the one in the fast food restaurants.

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