Did You Know That Your Birth-Month Butterfly Can Reveal Your Personality?

Did You Know That Your Birth-Month Butterfly Can Reveal Your Personality?

Butterflies are among the most beautiful and peaceful insects in nature. There are many types with different color patterns that never cease to amaze us. Butterflies have amazed people throughout history and have been considered personification of a person’s soul since ancient Egypt. They also symbolize transformation, happiness, love, and life.

According to some experts, different types of butterflies are linked to each of the 12 months. The month you were born in and the butterfly that corresponds to it can actually reveal a lot about your personality and soul. Continue reading below to see what each butterfly means:


The January butterfly indicates that you’re an attentive and caring person that has many friends. You’re great at giving advice, which makes many people come to you when they need something. You have a positive attitude and bring joy and happiness with you everywhere you go. Your strong charisma is your biggest ace and the reason why people are attracted to you.


Your confident and captivating personality is what makes you a great leader. You’re a person with unbelievable magnetism – people would follow you jumping from a bridge if they should.


You’re a fighter who’ll never give up no matter the odds. You like a steady pace in life and have a strong intuition. You always listen to your gut when need be and you’re never wrong to do so.


People born in April are very emotional and sensitive. This makes you fragile but also draws in many people to your side. You have a positive attitude and want to make the world a better place, even when everyone has already given up.


You’re a strong person who may seem cold on the outside at first. However, once people get to know you better, they see the beautiful person hiding beneath. You never wear a mask and people love you because you stay true to yourself.


These people have a peaceful and positive personality and a warm and kind soul.  You want to make the world a better place, which makes you a better person. You’re loving and caring as well, which makes you a great partner as well.


If you’re born in July, you’re a brave person with a sensitive side that you only share with people you love. You respect anyone and will never sit idle in cases of injustice.


These people are honest and caring, and never have a problem admitting their mistakes. They love being in the limelight and never shy away from public attention.


People born in September have a powerful imagination. You’re a great leader who unfortunately knows how to get in trouble often. Fortunately, you can get out of it just as easily, which people admire.


You’re an excellent problem-solver who is always prepared to listen to other people’s problems. You have a kind nature and you’re pretty careful with your words.


People born in November are creative and full of ideas. You make a great artist and live in your own little world. However, you also stay grounded in reality as well.


Those born in December are not afraid to show their feelings, both good and bad, which people really admire. However, you always seek more out of life as you’re never satisfied with things no matter how hard you try. Try to live a little and enjoy life a bit more – we guarantee the world will look much better.

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