How to Know That He Simply Isn’t into You

How to Know That He Simply Isn’t into You

Some things in life are really simple, like telling that a guy is into you or not, because if you’re wondering, let’s face it, he probably isn’t. When someone is interested in you you’ll know it, there’s no doubt in your mind and you simply know that the person you’re with wants to be with you. But if there are doubts in your mind you better admit it to yourself than pretend everything is fine and let someone take advantage of you.

If you’re unsure about someone’s feelings about you, if you question their actions and you’re insecure, the ugly truth is that they’re not into you.

Here are some of the signs that will make it crystal clear for you that a guy is just not into you and save you the trouble of falling for someone who doesn’t deserve you:

If he says I love you just after a date or two he’s not into you, you can never fall in love with someone that fast.

If he never calls or asks you how you are and how your day went, he isn’t into you.

If he needs a day or two to call back or texts back or he never calls back until you call him again, he’s not into you.

If he makes up lame excuses for every time he forgets your birthday, anniversary or other important things, he’s not into you.

If he doesn’t care about the things that are important to you, he’s not into you.

If he never reveals things about himself, he’s not into you.

If he never cares about how you feel, what you think and what you plan for the future, he’s not into you.

If he never respects your feelings, opinions and decisions, he’s not into you.

If he’s not there for you in your moments of need, he’s not into you.

If he doesn’t want to meet your friends and family and doesn’t want to introduce you to his, he’s not into you.

If he talks about his ex all the same he probably still has feelings for her and he’s not into you, for sure.

If he doesn’t want to make a commitment and insists on keeping it casual between the two of you, he’s not into you.

If he doesn’t let you touch his phone, laptop or tablet, he’s probably got something to hide and this goes without saying that he isn’t into you.

If he only calls you up when he wants to have sex, he’s not into you, at least not emotionally.

If he hides your relationship from the world and only sees you as ‘friends with benefits’, he’s not into you.

If he has problems committing to your relationship, he’s not that into you.

If he insists that he’s not ready for a serious relationship, he’s not into you and stop wasting your time with him.

If you have doubts about his true feelings and he does nothing to convince you otherwise, simply admit it to yourself, he’s not into you.

I think that this should be enough to convince you that the guy doesn’t deserve you and that you need something better in life. If you’re still unsure let’s talk a little bit about what true love feels like and maybe, you’ll see that what you have is nothing like it.

Love is about making commitments and fulfilling your responsibilities. Love is about having someone you can rely on, someone you can depend on and someone who will always be there for you. Love is about not having to worry if he’s cheating on you every time he goes out with friends because you know deep down in your heart that he loves you more than anything. Love is about sharing everything with your partner, about trusting him with your life and knowing that he’ll never do anything to betray that trust. Love is about overcoming all obstacles and coming out even stronger. Love is about being happy, feeling safe, careless and simply knowing that you’ve got someone who always has your back.

Is this something you have with your partner? If not, you better think twice about your relationship and make a decision. Do you want to stay miserable or do you want to find someone who will make you happy?

The choice is yours, and I believe it’s not a difficult one!

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