These Are The Life Mantras For All The Zodiac Signs

These Are The Life Mantras For All The Zodiac Signs

Every one of the 12 zodiac signs have a mantra they should (and most do) live by. Each of the signs have a unique mantra that perfectly describes them. These mantras are helpful for using each sign’s unique strengths to their best abilities. Just memorize your mantra you can see below and say it repeatedly in hard times and you can overcome everything.

Here are the true mantras of each zodiac sign:

Aquarius – Open Mind, Open Heart

Aquarius’ are considered a bit cautious and remote and they really are. You are too reserved and what you need to do is open up your heart and mind – once you do, we’re sure you’ll become more likeable.

Pisces – Don’t Overthink Stuff, Just Let It Go

Pisces are usually intellectuals who tend to overanalyze and overthink stuff. However, this can be tiring for your mind, so some things are best let go. Instead of being obsessed with something, move on from it and open your mind to new possibilities.

Aries – Accept What Is, Let Go Of What Was and Have Faith In What Could Be

People born in the Aries sign like to be in control. They hold grudges from the past, which can be a big problem as time moves on. Instead of holding grudges, accept things as they are, let go of the paste and have faith moving forward.

Taurus – Nothing Comes Easy

As a hard worker, you must remind yourself what your goals are. Remember – nothing worth having comes easy, meaning you have to work for something before you get it.

Gemini – If It’s Not Right, Don’t Do It. If It Isn’t True, Don’t Say It

Geminis are social butterflies and crowd pleasers with many friends. However, going with the flow may bring you into trouble. Don’t follow your friends off bridges and never fall under their pressure – just stick to your instincts and you’ll be okay.

Cancer – Never Allow Your Emotions Take Over Your Intelligence

Cancers are emotional and pretty unpredictable, but also highly intelligent. The problem is that their emotions sometimes get in the way of their intelligence. You need to remind yourself not to let that happen, or you’ll be in trouble before you know it.

Leo – It’s Not All About You

Just because everyone likes you doesn’t mean you’re the center of the universe. Not everything is about you – don’t be overconfident about everything or you’ll lose everyone around you.

Virgo – You’re Enough

Virgos are always trying to find out what others think of them. If you’re a Virgo, you need to stop doing it. Sometimes, you need to follow your own instincts and be remind yourself of your own worth. Don’t rely on others for self-confidence – you’re a powerful person who is as worthy as the others.

Libra – Follow Your Heart, But Also Your Brain

Libras should follow their own intuition (heart), but also take their brain with them. Try to be as practical as possible when making wise decisions or you’re going to decide wrong.

Scorpio – Kill Them With Kindness, Bury Them With A Smile

Scorpios are the most savage sign in the zodiac. They can be quite unpleasant if you get on their nerves. However, this aggression can also be their downfall. Instead of running wild, destroy your enemies with kindness – it will be far more pleasing in the end.

Sagittarius – Listen To Others And Remember That No One’s Right About Everything

People born in the Sagittarius sign are great teachers, but they lack the ability to listen to others. If you really want to succeed, you need to remember to be teachable and listen to others. No one’s always right for everything and this includes you.

Capricorn – Worrying Won’t Change Facts

Capricorns tend to worry even about the smallest things. They work hard towards their goals and believe that it’s actually the worrying that reminds them of what they need to do. However, constant worrying can tire your brain and cause numerous problems. It won’t change the outcome, so there’s no point in doing it all the time.

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