Here’s What The Zodiac Reveals About Your Fear of Love

Here’s What The Zodiac Reveals About Your Fear of Love

We all want to love someone deeply and be loved in return. However, diving into the unknown head first is not something most people do often. Why? Because they’re simply afraid of giving their all. They’re afraid of being hurt when they open up, and they aren’t wrong about it. Love is a wonderful thing, but it can also seriously hurt us.

This fear of love seems to have been written in the stars – according to some experts, how we handle real love may be related to our zodiac sign.

Here’s how each sign feels about deep love:


Aries is a truly independent sign of the zodiac that loves their freedom. They pay attention to their partner and except the same in return, so they’re not really afraid of showing their emotions and loving on a deep level.


Taurus is a romantic sign that believes in true love. These people are looking for one partner they’re going to spend their life with. They’re not scared of deep love – in fact, they rush toward it.


A Gemini finds it difficult to settle down. They are the type of people who don’t think spending their life with one person is possible at all. They are looking for an unpredictable and unique partner just like them and once they do find this guy or girl, they may consider settling down.


Cancer is a really emotional sign who needs a partner they can trust with their heart. Cancers don’t recognize any other type of love than deep love – it may take a while before they open up to their partners, but once they do, they will bleed their heart out.


Leos adore everything about love – they enjoy the drama, fireworks and all the other things that come with relationships. If someone makes them feel like a queen (or king), they will offer their whole heart in return.


Virgos are quite cautious when it comes to loving deep. They’d rather avoid opening up until they’re comfortable as they’re afraid of being hurt. It’s a defensive mechanism that prevents them from truly loving someone deep, at least in the beginning.


Those born in the sign of Libra don’t want to rush into relationships head first. Libras will need time to decide if their partner is truly the one. However, love requires a bit of risk sometimes, so if you truly want your relationship to last, you need to open up your heart.


Scorpios are truly afraid of loving someone deep. They’re afraid they’ll lose their identity in the process. No matter how intimacy may be in the beginning, opening up your heart will pay off in the long run.


These people don’t really want to tie the knot. They do want a soulmate they can share their adventures with. Due to these factors, they are more inclined to simply ‘browse’ through potential partners with no strings attached.


Capricorns are pure workaholics who will never surrender to their partner as much as they surrender to work. This can leave them alone in the end – if you’re a Capricorn, you need to try and find a balance before you lose your social life.


Just like Aries and Sagittarius, Aquarius needs its freedom, especially in a relationship. These people would love to share an emotional bond with a partner without seeing them – that would be perfect. However, this doesn’t seem to work in the long run, so if you want to settle down, you should make some compromises and sacrifice at least a bit of your freedom.


Pisces is amazed by the theory of love, but commitment scares them to their bone. If they do find a partner who will make them feel comfortable, they can love with their whole heart.

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