The Most Important Things You Need to Know If You’ve Fallen in Love with Someone with a Guarded Heart

The Most Important Things You Need to Know If You’ve Fallen in Love with Someone with a Guarded Heart

People with guarded hearts are most often more sensitive than me and you and they know that they can easily get hurt, which is why they guard their heart and seem distant and reserved.

They’re too wise to throw out their hearts and trust just anyone. They’re reserved and distrustful, but once you get under their skin and they let you in their world, you’ll learn that these souls are one of the most beautiful out there.


If you’ve fallen for someone who guards their heart closely, here are the most important things you need to remember about them:

  1. They’re not impressed by good looks, money and material things. They only care about authenticity and kindness.
  2. Words don’t impress them if they’re not backed with actions.
  3. They know how dangerous and powerful love can be.
  4. They will cherish you like no one else.
  5. They pick their own path to follow. They may ask you to follow them along if you have the luck but they most certainly don’t need you.
  6. If you do get a second chance with them use it wisely as there will be no third.
  7. You need to treat them gently as they may run out on you at just the hint of danger.
  8. Don’t be afraid to let them see your vulnerable side, they will respect and value it.
  9. They’re a survivor and they’re an empath, bigger than anyone you’ve met so far.
  10. If you buy her flowers and expensive gifts you’ll probably just arouse her suspicion, instead of impressing her.
  11. They will accept you and appreciate you with all your flaws.
  12. If they need to depend on you for something, they will not feel comfortable, even if it’s just a ride home.
  13. They tend to be a bit crazy so let them drag you in their insanity, have some fun.
  14. It’s not easy for them to show you their heart so be patient and don’t push it, unless you want to push them away.
  15. They’re always cool headed, even in a middle of a crisis.
  16. They know much more than they lead on.
  17. Some pieces of their soul will never be shared with you and you need to accept it and be fine with it.
  18. Accept them as they are because you may never truly understand them.
  19. It’s difficult for them to ask for help, so be kind when they do.
  20. It will be hard to earn their trust and it may take a while, but once you do, you’ll see it’s worth it.

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