Here Is What You Should Know When You Love Someone With A Guarded Heart

Here Is What You Should Know When You Love Someone With A Guarded Heart

As C. Joybell C. explains, honest individuals need to learn that their sincerity is precious and it should be offered only to those worthy of it.

That is why most of them end up being cautious. They share their warmth with only a few.

If you love someone like this, here are 25 facts you should be aware of if you want to keep them by your side.

  1. She is not amazed by wealth and success, but genuineness and compassion.
  2. She appreciates the responsibility and risks that come with love.
  3. As an independent and strong individual she doesn’t need support from anyone. But if she requests your presence on her journey, know that you have been blessed.
  4. She doesn’t give second chances easily. Make the best of it if you get one.
  5. She will consider you worthy only if you walk the talk.
  6. She knows her value and if you show any sign of abuse, she will disappear instantly.
  7. She will cherish you like you have never been cherished before.
  8. She appreciates your weaknesses.
  9. Understanding and sympathy is what she excels at.
  10. She may be wrapped up in her thoughts and won’t reveal a lot.
  11. If she wants you to guard her back, doesn’t mean she needs you to.
  12. She can go through anything.
  13. Presents might raise a red flag rather than charm her.
  14. Your faults will not keep her away.
  15. Sometimes she can be eccentric. But go with the flow, you might be surprised.
  16. Understand that she won’t be at ease if she has to rely on you even for simple things.
  17. It takes a lot of guts to open her heart to you. Be wary not to push too much or she might close up like a clam.
  18. There will be always some things she won’t share with you. Even though she realizes that’s not good, she has the right to her privacy
  19. She can handle herself when in an emergency.
  20. There are dark places in her past that she doesn’t want to revisit and talk about them, but she still has love for you.
  21. She wants to dictate the pace of your relationship. Let her or she will go away.
  22. Deal with the fact that she will always remain a mystery in some ways.
  23. Don’t be cruel if she wants your help, it’s hard enough as it is for her to ask anyways.
  24. Your dependability must be proven over time.
  25. One action may make you lose her trust in you.
  26. Joybell said that you can’t really tell if a person entered your life just to destroy everything you have built. But when that happens, you can’t feel regret for being vulnerable.

It’s important to be tolerant with souls that survived such experiences.

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