If you Really Loved your Partner, you Would Accept them the Way they are and not Try to Change them

If you Really Loved your Partner, you Would Accept them the Way they are and not Try to Change them

Two people who unconditionally love each other will, after some period together, evolve into better versions of themselves.

True love means that you love your partner the way they are, and you don’t try to change them. The person’s flaws come secondary, and you only focus on their good side.

Many of us have experienced a relationship with a person for whom we have created an image of the way we want them to be, and not the way they really are. Meaning, we have this idea of what we want our partner to be, and we project it onto them.

This is wrong to do, knowing that we aren’t so perfect either. Maybe we are just scared to fall in love with someone who does not fit into the picture of our ideal partner.

Open your heart, and love someone the way they are. Stop trying to change them. If your love is true, it will grow, and you will become better people together.

If you want a change, you must start with yourself, and you can only expect to receive as much as you give.

True love will give both of you the courage to become better people. Never be pushy. Let things find the right path on their own.

Only when you support each other will the real change will come. By forcing it, you will only have a negative outcome.

Sometimes for the one you love, you will put your needs secondary to theirs. There is nothing wrong with that. For the person you love it is OK to make some sacrifices, and of course, they should do the same for you.

True and unconditional love means that you will love your partner when they are sick, in a bad mood, or a little depressed. You give them all your heart no matter what.

You must acknowledge that imperfections are part of every single human being, and you must accept them, especially those close to your heart.

It is not easy to find this kind of love, but if you make the first step, it will lead to better things. Start loving yourself, your true self, and you will become a magnet for good things.

Loving yourself is a must! Accept every single aspect of your personality; only then you will be able to change the things you think could be better.

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