The Right Man Will Never Do Anything To Hurt You – He Will Love and Respect You Forever

The Right Man Will Never Do Anything To Hurt You – He Will Love and Respect You Forever

We’re not all so lucky to find the perfect guy, a loyal, trustworthy man who will know how to take care of us and love us until the end of time. We all go through our relationships, one failed after another and we even start to lose hope that we’ll ever find our perfect match. And then there are the lucky few, who were blessed to find their soulmate and a life companion who’ll cherish them until the day they die. If you’re one of these lucky people don’t start taking your partner for granted because you’ll never find another one like him again. Finding true, genuine love is becoming harder and harder these days and unfortunately many people have to settle for a lot less.

The right man for you will always be there to support you, in sickness and in health, for better and for worse. He will celebrate your achievements and comfort you when you fail. He will be the light at the end of the tunnel and will help you overcome the difficulties in life.

The right man will see you falling down and help you up. He’ll guide you through your moments of crisis and will provide his unconditional support, always and forever.

The right man will love you for who you are and will objectify you. He will love your intelligence, your wit and your unique personality, not your voluptuous behind and gorgeous cleavage. He will love your soul and not just your face and body.

The right man for you will not shy away from expressing his emotions and revealing his vulnerable side. He will spill his heart out and hope you won’t break it. If he truly loves you, he will reveal his true self to you and hope you will love him back as much.

The right man for you will never lie to you. He will always be honest and he will know how to win your trust over. He will also know not to do anything to break the trust you’ve given him. He won’t sugarcoat things for you because he knows you’re strong and you can take the truth, raw and uncensored.

The right man for you will put up a fight for you because he knows you’re the one he wants to spend his life with. He believes that your love is worth fighting for and will do anything in his power to preserve what you have.

The right man will respect you as a person and will respect your opinions and beliefs. He will treat you as his equal and will never do anything do diminish you. He’ll also respect your boundaries and your alone time because he knows you need it as well. He will respect your career and your choices and will be proud of your achievements.

The right man for you will always try to make you smile, will shower you with love and affection and will be the best friend you’ve ever had. He will be your life companion, forever and always. He will give you his mind, body and soul and will expect nothing more in return. But most importantly, the right man will never play with his feelings and will never do anything to hurt you because he will never forgive himself is he does.

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