What Makes You Happy According to Your Zodiac Sign

What Makes You Happy According to Your Zodiac Sign

We’re all in pursuit of happiness in life, some search it their entire lives while others find it much sooner, leading them to eternal bliss and satisfaction in life. But what is true happiness? Is there one singular answer to this question, or are we all made differently and therefore need different things to make us happy?

The answer to this question depends on you as a person and something that makes you happy may drive other people crazy. If you already know what it is that makes you happy, then you’ve probably have no use of this article, but if you still haven’t discovered your happiness, you can find some useful advices on how to achieve eternal bliss and fulfill your lifelong goal – be truly happy!

Can your zodiac sign be the key to happiness?

The science of astrology says that happiness is written in our astral signs, in our aura which is very similar to our DNA code and the answer to what makes you happy may lie in your zodiac sign. Below you will find the key to your happiness according to your zodiac sign and this list may help you finally end your pursuit of happiness and achieve bliss.

Aries needs excitement

Aries feels happy when they get excited, it’s what powers them up and keeps them alert. They need little challenges in life to keep them motivated and as they’re born in fire, they need to conquer and win to feel happy.

They will achieve true happiness when they finally conquer their fears and overcome them. If you’re an Aries you need to start some activity that will make you feel excited and you will start feeling much happier. Moreover, try to conquer your fears, but do it one step at a time, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Taurus needs stability

Stability is what makes the Taurus happy but do they know what stability is? Most of them aren’t really sure, but what they’re sure of is that they hate change and avoid it at all costs, even when the desperately need it in their life.

They need to feel stable in life and finding a partner who’ll be trustworthy and reliable is something that will really make them happy.

Gemini need freedom

Ever since they were little, the Gemini desired freedom. That’s why they couldn’t wait to grow up and finally be their own person, free of everyone and able to make their own decisions. They love being independent and even at the sniff of freedom their hearts skip a beat. But once they get older and experience freedom in all its glory, the Gemini understands that they need to be free of their darkest, deepest fears in order to be truly happy.

The Gemini can’t be tamed and controlled, the only thing that holds them back is their fear and their dark thoughts and that’s what they need to be free from.

Cancers need continuity

Cancer is a sign of emotional security and heritage, all they want in life is to be emotionally connected with their partner and their close friends and family. Being a Cancer has its ups and downs, but the most important thing about them is that their emotions are deep. All they need in life is to feel emotionally secure and safe, in every aspect, be it professionally or privately.

A Cancer will feel happy when he is in a safe place, when his continuity is guaranteed and when they’re emotionally secured. They hate failures so it’s the one thing that may disrupt their happiness. A Cancer will feel happy when his future is bright and fruitful, when he has room to grow and when he’s making safe choices in life that lead him to success.

Leos need self-confidence

Leos, just like the kind of the jungle, need to feel confident to achieve their full potential and watching a Leo in their prime glory is something beyond this world. When a Leo feels confident he simply radiates with happiness and shines bright like a star, feeling the room with positivity and an uplifting mood.

In order to be truly happy they need to face their insecurities and embrace their flaws and mistakes, accepting that nobody can be perfect. Then and only then will the Leo feel self-confident again and happy at last. If you’re a Leo, accept yourself for who you are and embraces your imperfections, it’s the only way to be truly happy.

Virgos need admiration

Virgos are the sign who needs to devote their time and energy to make this world a better place for all, they’re the alchemists of the Zodiac. If you want to make a Virgo happy, all you need to do is say Thank you or I admire everything you do! This will make them really happy and will uplift their mood. Why?

Well, because, Virgos are notorious for their criticism and their aspiration to perfection, but as hard as they judge others, they judge themselves even harder. They want to believe that everyone can grow and improve and they will never rest if they know there’s something they could have done better. The only way they will feel happy is knowing that everyone around them admire them and respect them for everything they’ve done in life.

Libras need beauty

Libras are the children of Venus and all they need in life to feel happy is beauty. They need to feel affection, love and to feel beautiful to be happy. But beauty comes from within, from the inner balance and harmony and that’s what Libras really need. They want to be in harmony with nature and with the people closest to them.

Scorpios need power

Scorpios are ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of wars, and Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. All the people born in this sign are influenced by power and need to feel in power to be happy. However, what they need to understand is that power can only come from within, and almost all of them do, as they grow older, which is why they’re considered one of the wisest signs in the Zodiac. Once they understand that they can only really rely on themselves, they will find their inner power and feel happy.

Sagittarius need hope

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, one of growth, opportunities and expansion. This means that they’re not petty nor narrow-minded, they’re always open for new challenges and always aim higher in life. They’re guided by their endless hope that there’s always a better tomorrow.

A Sagittarius can only truly be happy when they’re optimistic and when they’re surrounded by people who push them to achieve more in life but know how to let them down gently when things aren’t going their way and avoid disappointment. To be truly happy they need to keep their hope alive and surround themselves with good vibes.

Capricorns need respect

If you’re a Capricorn you probably consider yourself to be strong, resistant and hard to get hurt. But this doesn’t come naturally to you, you’ve developed this skill over the years to avoid getting hurt by the people you consider close.

All Capricorns need to be happy in life is to see that the people around them respect them, to see that they’re worthy of other people’s respect so that they can start respecting themselves.

Aquarius need uniqueness

Aquarius is a sign that’s unique in itself, and the persons born in this sign are truly one of a kind. They’ve learned, over time, how to blend in the crowd and function well with others, despite their uniqueness but they need to be careful not to lose their identity. The only thing that makes an Aquarius truly happy is its uniqueness, they’re proud of it and afraid of it at the same time. They need to learn to embrace their differences and accept that they will never be like anyone else. When they accept themselves, everyone else will accept them as well and that’s when they’ll be truly happy and content in life, when they no longer need to put on a mask in front of others and be someone they’re not.

 Pisces need warm Feelings

Pisces are a sign ruled by the planet Neptune, a planet of the oceans and they’re influenced by it significantly. There’s no end to the surprises that lie under the surface of the oceans, there’s no telling what secrets they hide – just like the emotions of Pisces.

They’re constantly riddled by mixed feelings and often are unable to discover what causes all of these feelings inside of them. They need to be surrounded by people who will calm their nervous heart and ground their soul, people who will make them feel loved and secure and that’s when they can be happy. For Pisces, the answer lies in love, they need to feel warm feelings and that’s when they will be complete.

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