If a Man Has These 10 Habits You Should Never Marry Him

If a Man Has These 10 Habits You Should Never Marry Him

Deciding to get married, to spend your life with another person, is probably one of the most important decisions you need to make which is why we all try to do our best when we choose our life partner. Taking this step is not an easy decision to make, after all, you will be spending eternity with this other person and you need to make sure that you’re in love, that you’re compatible and that you respect each other deeply.

But when we fall in love, we usually tend to forget about everything else and we can’t think clearly about all the other things that matter in a relationship. And since the initial infatuation can soon disappear, you may be forced to spend your life with someone who is the complete opposite of what you need in a partner. You probably don’t want to spend your life with a person who’s disrespectful, aggressive or clingy, so you better be really careful when you’re making this life-changing decision.

If you want to be sure that the guy you’re marrying is the right person for you, you need to observe his behavior and look out for the warning signs. And what are the warning signs? Below you’ll find 10 of the worst habits in a man and if your man has most of them, he’s definitely not marrying material.

He’s disrespectful

If there’s no respect in a marriage, it will never work and you’ll be doomed for failure from the start. If you treat him with respect, it’s only normal to assume that he needs to show you the same amount of respect. If you see that he doesn’t care about how you feel, what you think and shows no interest in your beliefs, opinions and attitudes, he’s not the man for you.

He’s not honest with you

This is one of the biggest turnoffs in a man, lies and deceits. How could you spend a lifetime with someone who’s not honest with you, someone who lies and someone you can’t rely on. If your partner is untrustworthy, there’s no future for the two of you. You should never be with someone you doubt.

He breaks his promises

If he makes a promise, he’s expected to keep it. It’s not the end of the world if he forgets about it, once or twice, but if it becomes a habit, it’s bad for you. We all break a promise or two, once in a while, but being with someone you can’t count on is not something you imagined, I’m sure. If your partner breaks more promises than he keeps, he’s not the person you want to be with, trust us.

He has an excuse for everything

Whatever he does wrong, whatever his mistake, he always has a lame excuse lined up and he expects that everything will be forgotten once he explains himself. You can forgive and forget if his excuse is reasonable, but he can’t expect that every time he messes up you’ll forgive him. If he truly loves you and wants your marriage to work he should be more careful and show you that he cares.

He’s a cheater

This is the last straw, if he cheats on you, it’s a deal-breaker. You should know that if he cheats on you once, there’s high probability that he will do it again, if he has the chance. That’s why you should deny him the opportunity and end things before he hurts you again.

He cares more about his career than he cares about you

We all want to be successful and achieve our career goals, but not at the expense of our love life. When you start thinking about marriage, you need to get your priorities straightened and your family should always come first. If he’s the type of guy who always puts his job first, he’s not the marrying type and you should know that you’ll be miserable if you decide to spend your life with him.

He’s not broadminded

You could never be happy with someone who’s narrow-minded and can’t see the bigger picture. If he’s not open to new experiences, new challenges and he enjoys his routine and doesn’t want anything to change, he’ll start suffocating you and you’ll end up being miserable.

He doesn’t stop fighting

All couples fight, from time to time, it’s natural and it’s healthy, but all couples make up and work out their differences at the end of the fight. If he’s the type to always keep the fight alive, if he constantly argues about everything and always wants to have the last word, he’s not the guy for you. He needs to understand that marriage is about making compromises and that both partners need to accept each other’s differences and learn to live with them.

He’s immature

You don’t want to end up being married to a kid right? Well, that’s why you need to look out, because there are so many adult men who still haven’t grown up and are immature deep down. If he’s impatient, gets into fights about menial things, has no understanding for you and simply acts childish, you should end things as he will probably never grow up.

He is clingy

We all want to be with the person we love, but we also need some alone time, some privacy and some time apart from our partner. If he acts as if he would rather be with you all the time and that he would be happiest if he never leaves your side, you need to reconsider if this is the man you want to spend your life with.

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