If Your Man Does These 10 Things, He’s A Keeper

If Your Man Does These 10 Things, He’s A Keeper

Nothing You Do, No Matter How Awkward, Will Ever Make Him Love You Less

Despite all of your imperfections, flaws and silly things you do he still loves you to a fault. He knows that you can act all weird and awkward sometimes but he loves you for your silliness. No one is perfect and we all have our moments, so when you meet the guy who doesn’t expect you to be the perfect cover girl, you should definitely keep him. All your imperfections and flaws are a part of your personality, he knows it and loves you for who you are.

Your Periods Don’t Freak Him Out

Too often men can get freaked out at the thought of menstrual problems. They expect and imagine all kinds of gross things happening in this period and want nothing to do with you during your cycle. This is just a sign of their immaturity and the fact that they know nothing about the female anatomy. If you find yourself a man who understands that this process is a normal part of life and there’s nothing weird or gross about it, you should definitely keep him.

He Doesn’t Put up a Face in Front of You

If your man is not a pretender and never tries to be someone or something he isn’t, he’s a keeper. He knows his flaws and his advantages, he’s completely comfortable with who he is and never tries to change himself just to get others to like him. He’s not a fake and he’ll never hide his personality traits, he’s just an open book for you and everything he’s got he brings to the table. When you’re with him you know exactly what to expect and that’s just what you deserve.

He Never Lets You Go to Bed Angry

No relationship is free of arguments, every healthy couple fights from time to time, it’s completely normal. You can’t always agree with your partner on everything. But what is important is that he never lets an argument end without a resolution. He’ll try to find a compromise for every situation and will never let you go to bed angry at him. This is an excellent quality and if your man has it, he’s definitely a keeper.

He Wants Your Family to like Him

He knows that you care deeply about your family and he’ll make a genuine effort to get them to like him. He’ll try to get to know them as much as he can and share his intentions about the two of you with them. He wants to get their approval because he knows it’s important for you. He’ll never rest until he shows them how much he respects you and how much you make him happy.

He Always Makes You Laugh and Keeps Things Interesting

Wherever you are and whatever you do, you’re never bored with him. He’s the funniest person in the world and makes you laugh like no one else. It’s not what he says or what he does, it’s the time you spend together that makes you feel happy and pleased with yourself. If you’re with a man who always knows how to make you feel good and you have a blast in your company, he’s a keeper.

He Cooks like Jamie Oliver

It may sound silly, but a man who can cook is definitely a keeper. You can’t know the pleasures of being with a guy who knows his way around the kitchen until you meet one. Just picture the situation when you come home from work, all tired and hungry and there he is, waiting for you at the dinner table with a delicious, home-cooked meal just for you. Is there anything better than this?

He’s Trustworthy and Trusts You as Well

No relationship can succeed unless there’s trust between the partners. If you don’t trust your partner or he doesn’t trust you, there’s no point in staying in that relationship, it doesn’t have a future. You need to be with a person you can rely on and know that he’ll never lie to you or disappoint you. If you trust your partner and he trusts you as well, your relationship is a keeper.

He Can’t Find Enough Ways to Tell You He Loves You

He showers you with love and affection every time he can and in all the ways he can imagine. He never fails to surprise you with his creativity in expressing his love for you and his grand gestures. He simply wants you to feel loved and will never stop finding new ways to show it to you.

His Love for You Is Consistent

He’s a guy who will always be there for you, he’s your rock and will never let you down. You know you can count on him because his behavior is consistent, his love is consistent and he is consistent. If you can always count on your man and know that he’ll always be there for you, no matter what, he’s a keeper.

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