What A Man Hates According To His Zodiac Sign

What A Man Hates According To His Zodiac Sign

Astrology helps us identify specific characteristics in people. This is especially helpful to find out what not do to do since your man is bound to hate it according to his birth month sign.

Read further to find out what your man hates!

Taurus – Do not take from them

Taurus men are possessive and territorial. If you don’t want to insult them, don’t steal or take their things, people or food. Instead, if a Taurus man holds you near his heart, just wait for him to offer, because he will be willing to share in time.

Cancer – Watch your words and actions so as not to hurt him

These men are sensitive. Be wary of the choice of words when you evaluate them. If not, you might offend them and hurt their feelings.

Aries  – Not the best sign to fight with

Known for their temper and moodiness, Aries men are the most hostile of all the signs. Do try to keep away from them on their bad days.

Scorpio – Never lie to a Scorpio.

Scorpio men are very intuitive and can be nicknamed human lie detectors. Don’t try to hide something from them. Eventually they will find out and lose respect for you, with no option to make up for it.

Gemini – Don’t interrupt them from pouring their heart out

A Gemini is good natured and outgoing. He values communication to the point that stopping him from speaking feels like cutting his wings. Because of his talkative nature if you interrupt him when he wants to speak his mind, he might get offended.

Leo – Don’t steal their spotlight

Leo’s self worth is connected to how much they are in the center of attention. Leo men are territorial and that is why they will hate you if you don’t let them be the focus.

Virgo – Will not admit mistakes

Virgo men are very self confident and assertive. You won’t be able to prove them they were wrong about something because they will make their life mission not to allow that. Just let it go.

Capricorn – Be yourself

Capricorn values authenticity and has a special kind of hate directed towards fakers. If you pretend to be someone you’re not in front of him, he will see through you. Then, all interest will be lost with no chance for redeeming.

Aquarius – Don’t try to change them

Uniqueness is the trait that completely describes an Aquarius man. An attempt to change an Aquarius will be futile. He is extremely self confident and if he decides to improve himself, he will do it, but not because it was imposed on him.

Libra – Not great decision makers.

As one of the most peaceful signs in the horoscope, Libra men absolutely hate making decisions and choosing sides. If you push them into doing what they hate, they might start hating you too, and even walk out on you.

Pisces – Do not joke or prank them

Pisces men are easily hurt if you pick on them for fun, no matter how harmless it is. They are very emotional and avoid it all together just to be safe.

Sagittarius – Don’t impose

If a Sagittarius man is forced into something, they will ultimately explode. If he wants a boys night, let him. The more you constrain him, the more he will distance himself.

We hope these tips will help you understand your man better, since knowledge will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes.

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