The Best Marriage Advice A Father Could Give to His Son

These Are the Best Marriage Advices A Father Could Give to His Son

If you ask older people what advice they can give to the young, they will undoubtedly share a few marriage tips first. Your partner is the person you will spend your whole life with, which is not a small thing.

These people will go through struggle, failure and hardship with you and will also be there in times of happiness. You will spend your life with them and in order to make it work, you need to be able to rely on each other.

Marriage is a partnership that should be nurtured. It’s a powerful relationship that should provide comfort and stability when nothing else can. This is why older people give their children numerous marriage tips, which they should listen with caution.

The best marriage tips a father can give to his son:

  1. If you’re spending money on your woman and she enjoys it, never asking if you’re investing or saving your money, you should leave her – she’s only with you for the money.
  2. Many women can be a great wife and a good mother to your children, but if you find a woman that acts like a mother to you, your children and family, marry her at once!
  3. A woman’s place is not in the kitchen. In fact, she should be able to work just like you.
  4. Don’t think you’re the head of the house when you see your pocket full. You will be head of the house when you see a constant smile on your wife’s face.
  5. If you want to live a long and happy life, leave the finances to your wife. Just give her your salary and let her handle all expenses – in this way, she will never ask you for more money when she spends it all.
  6. You should never raise a hand on your wife. It’s not about the physical pain – the wound in her heart is much deeper and hurts more.
  7. If you live a bachelor life after getting married, you will soon be single again.
  8. Embrace your woman closely – in the past, families grew big because there was a lot of land for farming and harvesting, but now there are only bits and pieces of farm land left.
  9. You don’t need to spend money on expensive dinners and nights out with a girl. Instead, marry the one who’s doesn’t want you spending your money on her.
  10. Don’t get carried away if you start making more money than before. Instead of that expensive car, spend it on the woman who stood by you in difficult times.
  11. If you really love your woman, you will miss her being, not just her physical presence. We all have needs, but if you miss your woman just because you miss sex, that’s not the girl you should marry.
  12. Don’t say that your wife has suddenly changed – you allowed it to happen too. There must have been something you could’ve done in order to stop the unpleasant change from happening.
  13. Remember – your future wife should love you regardless of your financial state.
  14. Don’t compare your wife to any other woman. She was with you in good and bad times and have you ever heard her comparing you to other men?
  15. If your wife is a feminist claiming equal rights in your house, divide the bills in two and ask her to start paying one half.
  16. Don’t be angry if your wife isn’t a virgin when you meet her. These are modern times and women aren’t as prestigious in the past.
  17. Don’t make the mistake of not letting your daughters get a good education. It’s a brand new age and women will soon be equal to men thanks to their hard work.
  18. Again, never lay a hand on your wife! No matter how angry you get, don’t beat her – you will then be able to tell your kids and maybe grandkids how proud you are of never hitting a woman in your life.
  19. Women in the past had more of a natural beauty and never did expose their body parts like women these days. However, they weren’t perfect – some even wore tattoos! Don’t judge a book by its cover as real beauty comes from within.
  20. You should handle your marriage problems on your own – don’t come to us for help!
  21. Always help your wife achieve your dreams if you want her to help you pursue yours.
  22. Make sure to take care of both parents when they grow old – after all, they raised you completely on their own.
  23. Pray with your family in these godless times – even when you think times are hard and there’s no tomorrow, God will show you the way.

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