Incredible Marriage Advice That a Father Gave to His Son. This is Amazing!

Incredible Marriage Advice That a Father Gave to His Son. This is Amazing!

When I think about advice, and what the best to give is, it is definitely about marriage. Do you wonder why?

Because your spouse is the one that you will spend your whole life with. They are always beside you no matter if it is about failure, privation or conflict. They are the ones that are with you for prosperity, progress and support.  You rely on each other, you trust each other and together you create a life.

Just like other partnerships, the marriage has to be kept healthy so it can become one of the most beautiful things in the world. When everything seems to be falling apart, it will bring you back hopes and support.

Advice from a dad to his son about marriage

  1. Dear son, if you spend all your money on a woman and she is not interested, if you are investing into something or saving and all that she does is having good time in the comfort, she is not the right woman to marry her.
  2. Dear son, you can find a woman that will be perfect wife, and she can also be a perfect mother to your kids, but if you have found a woman that acts like mother to you as well, keep her.
  3. Dear son, do not limit the space of your woman in the kitchen. Even in the past when we used to work on our farms, our women worked every day… because the farm was our office.
  4. Dear son, if I say to you that you are the man of the house, don’t look for other approvals, the only thing that should be important to you is your wife’s smile.
  5. Dear son, if you tend to have a long and happy life, your woman should take care of your salary. She cannot spend it because of the bills and other expenses that have to covered, but if you decide to take care of this your wife won’t stop asking even when the salary will be spent.
  6. Dear son, you must never hit your woman. The physical wounds are very painful although they are nothing when compared with the wounds of her soul. You cannot live with a woman that is hurt.
  7. Dear son, being married means more than being a bachelor. If you continue with your bachelor life after the marriage you might end up being single very soon.
  8. Dear son, back in the past all of us had the opportunity for big families. We all worked on our farm-lands, but nowadays there aren’t any lands for farming. Take care of your wife.
  9. Dear son, the place where I’ve met your mother can be your coffee shop or eating house. Still, the most important thing for me was that I and your mother were always there for each other.
  10. Dear son, if you have the opportunity to earn a lot of money, do not spend them on someone who doesn’t know how hard you worked for it. Spend it for your wife, because she was always there when you needed her.
  11. Dear son, when I wanted to see your mother and when I was throwing stones at her window and whistling in front of her father’s house it wasn’t about $ex. I missed her so badly.
  12. Dear son, if you notice that your wife is changing, think about your behavior as well. Maybe you are the one that is changed.
  13. Dear son, when I couldn’t afford to have a car, your mother was driving bicycle with me. Carefully choose your woman, because if she is not ready to endure the beginning she is not worth to enjoy the financial stability.
  14. Dear son, you must not compare your wife with other women. Has she done something similar to you?
  15. Dear son, if your woman says that she is feminist and that she should have the same rights in the house as you do, divide the obligations and the expenses. Start paying your part of the bills, and the other should be left to her.
  16. Dear son, when I met your mother she was a virgin and it took me a while so I can convince her father. If it happens that the woman you will meet is not a virgin don’t judge her. What I haven’t mentioned is that our women have dignity.
  17. Dear son, the reason that I decided to educate my daughters wasn’t because of the generic opinion that the females won’t expand my family name. There are so many successful women nowadays that made the men a regular tag.
  18. Dear son, once your mother was so nervous that she almost tore apart my clothes. But I didn’t raise my hand and I didn’t hit her. Even today, I am proud because I can tell you that I’ve never hit your mother.
  19. Dear son, back in the past the women used to have more natural appearance, although some of them had paintings over their arms or today known as tattoos. The women didn’t reveal parts of their body like today.
  20. Dear son, you are an adult and you should be responsible for the problems in your marriage. Your mother and I will stay out of it.

Dear son, I still remember that your mother wanted a sewing machine so I bought it to her. Make your wife happy and help her                           realize  her dreams just like you do yours.

  1. Dear son, please don’t stop helping me and your mother. Growing old is easier when there are the kids who can help you.
  2. Dear son, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Pray for the best for you and your loved ones. Pray to God and talk to him. He knows a lot.

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