Here’s How Men Decide To Tie The Knot

Here’s How Men Decide To Tie The Knot

Is there a way to make your guy pop out the big question? Girls can like a guy and have great sex and life with him, but these aren’t reasons enough to marry him. In fact, sex has almost nothing to do with it. The real reason why guys marry women is not related to bedroom adventures. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s because guys want to marry the girl that makes them better men.

It all starts with small things such as cleaning the car or the house without being asked. If you want your guy to pop the question, you need to take care of these and other small things. You can’t just make them happen, but you can allow them to happen. Men want women who truly love them, but not more than they love themselves. Some people call this confidence, but in reality, it goes deeper than that. Confidence is what you can do, but self-love is who you really are.

Besides this, you also need to let love in your life. If you truly love your man, you will let him do things he wants. If he wants to check on the car for you, let him do it. If he wants to get you gas, don’t say you can do it yourself – you just let him do it. If you want your man to truly love you and become a better man, you need to let him have his own space. He will only marry you if you allow him to become a better person than he was in the past.

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