Feeling depressed? Maybe this powerful message from Stephen Hawking can help you!

Feeling depressed? Maybe this powerful message from Stephen Hawking can help you!

I bet you know and have heard about the English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, who is also a Director of Research at the University of Cambridge. No doubt that he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, minds of our era.

This great mind was born in Oxford on January 8 and the world knows him for his work in theoretical physics. Hawking choose natural science when he began his college days, even though he used to like mathematics when he was younger.  He was forced to drop from college in his first year there due to experiencing symptoms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Doctors were not very optimistic and gave him two and a half years to live.

Today he is 74 years old he still doing researches, he is also teaching and he is continuously sharing his story with the world. Being diagnosed with ALS every day that he wakes up alive is a blessing for him.

He was determined that his condition will not stop him from doing what he loves, which lead him to receive 12 honorary degrees. Scientific theories like the Big Bang, the Universe and so on are mostly the topics Hawking is working on and trying to find the answers. But even though he is not able to speak or move and is bounded to a wheelchair, Hawking is still trying to inspire people around the world and give them courage that if you are determined enough nothing can stop you.

He encourages people to always be positive and to not let anything stop them from achieving their dreams.

In one of his lectures, he has compared black holes and depression and stated that you can escape from both.

Even though we call them black holes, they are not so black and you can escape from them to a new, maybe better, universe.  Same goes for depression, as long as you don’t give up and set a positive mind there will be better days.

Taking his life as an example he believes that ending your life is the easiest way, but also the wrong way. You can always find something you love doing and while you are still alive there always will be hope for better days.

According to Hawking having some physical disability should not make you bitter towards the rest of the world, but instead, you should set a positive mind and concentrate on doing things where your disability will not be a factor. Therefore if you have a physical disability the smart thing would be to concentrate on doing things that require a mental intelligence.

He also accents the importance of being surrounded by friends and family that you love and that support you and encourage you to never give up. Your job, besides not giving up, should be making sure that those people feel that you receive their support.

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