This Method Will Help You Discover If your Partner Is Cheating On You

This Method Will Help You Discover If your Partner Is Cheating On You

Most relationships, whether is in public or on the social media, they always try to look perfect. Each relationship has it’s own fight and issues they try to hide so well from others. People love to believe that whoever fights a lot also loves a lot, but this is not the case really. Body language expert Philip Adcock will give you the signs you should be looking for if you want to know if your partner is cheating on you. However, it is not 100% sure thing that each of these signs is true, but you if your partner is cheating you’ll surely identify couple of them.

The Devil Is In The Details

If your partner has nothing to hide, then he’ll give you all the details you need. Who is the person they’ve been texting for half an hour, what took him so long to come back from work, where’s he been last night so that he came in 5 in the morning and so on.

Look Them In The Eyes

This is very simple, if your partner has something to hide from you they’ll avoid eye contact at all costs! They will tend to look in everything else but you, they’ll also try to do something else to draw your attention away from the argument.

Monitor Their Breathing Patterns

The advice here is that if you want to catch him while lying focus on his breathing. If he’s honest and true his breathing will remain calm. Instead if your partner is lying you on purpose they will start breathing faster, uncontrolled some of their words won’t even make sense, they are well aware of what they’re doing and this is the reaction of it.

Trust Your Instinct

This is probably the strongest clue. If your intuition tells you something is very shady and wrong, then it probably is. When you notice someone lying your brain sends signal to your subconscious mind warning you that something bad is going on.

Increased Need To Be Alone

As we all know it, partners do everything together in a relationship from cooking to showering. If your partner’s need to be alone suddenly increases, chances are they are not alone. They’re probably texting or spending their “me” time with someone else.

They Won’t Give Away Their Phone

Honest partner usually lets you go through his phone, messages and even reply to them. But if your partner uses some difficult locking pattern or code, and has a very hard time letting you go through his phone, they according to Philip he’s definitely hiding something into that phone, something you’re not allowed to see. He’ll even start an argument with if you even go near his phone.

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