Made The Mistake Of Dating A Narcissist? Read This!

Made The Mistake Of Dating A Narcissist? Read This!

Have you ever loved a man so much you’ve believed he’s your prince on a white horse? Have you ever been in love with the wrong man and believed that he’s the one? Loving someone hard and breaking up with the guy that seemed like the man from your dreams can be hard on women. After splitting up a long relationship, they don’t believe in true love anymore. Happiness becomes a distant idea and sadness becomes their new normal. Besides this, the memories of happier times are especially troubling – they come in waves and can shatter a woman instantly, leaving her unable to finish even simple tasks. These women are often left wondering if they’ll be happy ever again.

In this case, women often give up. They don’t believe in love or fairy tales anymore, even if they were the happiest person on Earth before it. However, dating narcissists can change you, and after splitting up, the happier person gets emotionally destroyed. This can lead to numerous problems, leaving them unable to sort themselves for quite a long time. They are ashamed of the person they’ve become and also ashamed that they let a man ruin their life.

Dating a narcissist seems like a fairy tale in the beginning. Women trust these men as they do everything to convince them they can count on him. Narcissistic men often make promises they fail to keep later and eventually end up betraying their “victim”.

Don’t feel bad for it, though. Narcissistic men are masters of making you trust them naively. Women think they can come to their rescue in any kind of situation – once they let their guard down, a narcissist can attack them with all their power and they will never see them coming.

Narcissistic men often come in women’s life after a few unsuccessful or broken relationships and that’s the biggest problem. Due to their emotional imbalance, women think they can “save” them. They give their love and soul to these men and love them unconditionally, only to be broken in the end. It’s a classic fairy tale with a heartbreaking ending.

More often than not, women stay with narcissistic men because they believe in love, which is a crucial mistake. They think that a narcissist is their soulmate up until the point they realize they’ve been used. Narcissists feed of misery. Falling for them might feel like you’re being a hero fighting love, but the ending will crush your soul.

After a while, a woman dating a narcissist will lose her confidence and self-worth, becoming a shell of their former self. They eventually allow their partners to blame and manipulate them, leading to the point where they completely lose their persona.

However, even though the separation can be crushing, you shouldn’t give yourself to misery – that’s exactly what your ex would want. Dating a narcissist is a life lesson that has to be learned the hard way. You might become a mess for a while, but you shouldn’t let it destroy you. Just pick yourself up and “sew” your broken pieces. It’s not the end of the world – after all, there are many fish in the sea. You just have to believe in love and you will eventually find the man you will spend your life with.

Don’t make the mistake of letting your ex back into your life. They might knock on your door a few times, but if you want to keep your mind intact and be happier once again, you need to shut the door. Tomorrow is a new day – get prepared for the challenges ahead and take it step by step. We’re sure you will find the man you deserve.

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