The Month in Which You Were Born Tells a Story About You!

The Month in Which You Were Born Tells a Story About You!

Born in January

If you were born in January you’re attractive and like to dress up. You can be bored at times, quite easily and don’t show your emotions. You’re stubborn and fussy. You’re also sensitive and need plenty of time to bounce back after your feelings have been hurt.

Born in February

People born in February are prone to abstract thinking and are intelligent and clever. They can be moody and change their personality around different people. They’re also temperamental but shy and quiet. They are ambitious, honest and loyal. They can easily be hurt because they’re sensitive. They’re attractive and make friends easily. They’re hopeless romantics and like to daydream. They can get angry easily but they always keep their anger to themselves.

Born in March

If you were born in March you’re sexy and attractive, but you’re a bit reserved and shy. You can be quite affectionate, generous and honest. You love your peace and enjoy spending time alone. You’re sympathetic and sensitive and you’re easily angered. You almost never show your emotions but you always respond to kindness with kindness. You’re also a great kisser and have an observing mind.

Born in April

If you were born in April you have a great sense of humor. You’re also quite talkative and stubborn. You’re fond of making compromises and are always cool and calm. You have a high amount of self-confidence and everyone admires this in you. You’re positive and generous, loyal and detail-oriented. You enjoy making people laugh and love being able to motivate others. You’re just hyperactive and fun to be around. You’re understanding and you make friends easily.

Born in May

If you were born in May you’re hard-hearted and can be stubborn. You’re driven and have a strong will-power. You enjoy being in the center of attention and can easily attract people. You’re beautiful on the inside and out. You can be shy towards the opposite sex and you develop strong feeling to the people you care about. You have a vivid imagination and are a daydreamer. You love travelling, literature and arts.

Born in June

If you were born in June you’re just a pleasure to have around. Your personality is so positive and people love being around you. You enjoy meeting new people and are extremely outgoing by nature. You’re quite the flirter which means that you can easily attract the opposite sex. You’re destined to have an attractive looking partner.

Born in July

People enjoy your company but they notice you can get secretive. You’re difficult to understand. You’re proud and have a reputation. You’re honest and care about other people’s feelings. You are friendly, witty and approachable. You’re also temperamental and unpredictable. You can be loving and caring and you simply treat everyone equally. You don’t look for friends, they find you. You love spending time with your friends and that’s when you feel at your best. You can easily get your feelings heart because you’re sensitive.

Born in August

You’re outgoing and love the attention from others. You take risks and have limited self-control. You’re confident and kind-hearted.  You have a positive vibe and this makes you easy to talk to. You enjoy being loved but can’t stand being distrusted. You’re always on the lookout for the special one. You’re playful, mysterious and charming and everyone finds you beautiful. You’re strong-willed and independent.

Born in September

If you were born in September you’re an active and dynamic personality. You’re quick to make decisions but can sometimes regret your hastiness. You love the attention and have a strong mentality. You’re friendly and have a diplomatic side, you enjoy solving other people’s problems. You’re loving, caring and generous. You have many friends and love making more. You have a good memory. You’re stubborn and emotional and you’re an adventurer. You love to motivate yourself and others to achieve greatness.

Born in October

If you were born in October you’re a chatter. You love the people that love you and nobody else. You’re beautiful on the inside and out. You can easily get angry, you’re prone to lying but you never pretend. You’re fearless and brave. You put your friends first always and you love making new friends. You don’t control your emotions, not you want to do it. You’re opinionated.

Born in November

People born in November are loyal and trustworthy. They can be wild at times so they certainly know how to have fun and make everyone else have fun as well. They’re mysterious and sexy, everyone finds their mysterious inner beauty attractive. They’re temperamental and can be emotional at times. They’re independent and playful. They’re social beasts so they make friends easily. They’re smart and always stand out in a crowd.

Born in December

If you’re born in December you’re a hottie. People born in December and usually very attractive. They’re also generous and loyal. They can be quite competitive and love playing games where they can win. They’re ambitious and driven and have an influence in every organization they take part. They’re fun to be around and easy to talk to. They have a vision and love to follow their dream. They’re polite and kind and can be quite sensitive. They have an active mind and always think about their next endeavor. They love good humor and are quite humoristic themselves. They’re also choose and just want what’s best for them.

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