Here’s Why You Should Be Nagging Your Daughters Even More

Here’s Why You Should Be Nagging Your Daughters Even More

According to a new research from the UK, the higher the expectations a mother has for her daughter, the higher the chances she’ll grow up to become a successful woman. This means that the more nagging and pushy a mother is, the better the chances that they’ll see their daughter grow up strong and successful. That’s one point for nagging mothers and zero for teenagers.

Nag More = Fail Less

The study was conducted at the Essex University and revealed that girls who were “nagged” and constantly pushed by their mothers went to a nice college and were far less likely to get pregnant as a teenager. These girls also had better chances of finding a great job after university and were more likely to end up as successful businesswomen.

The research was led by PhD candidate Erica Rascon-Ramirez and was focused on 15 000 girls aged 13-14 over a period of 10 years. Although it shows that your daughter may be more successful if you nag her, it doesn’t mean that she’ll surely turn into a genius. She might be more successful if you’re annoying, but too much of it can have a negative effect.

And, although the study will surely put a smile on every mother’s face, teenagers won’t be so happy. According to Ramirez, the constant nagging makes teenagers do what’s right for them, even if it opposes their mother’s wishes. This pushed themselves hard towards their goals and helps them succeed.

So, if you’re a mother who tries putting expectations of not getting pregnant before marriage in your teenage daughter’s head, chances are they’ll fulfill it. So, even if you get a few nasty eye rolls from your teenage daughter, don’t be mad for it – at least you’ll know you’ve set them on the right course.

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