NASA discovered seven planets that are only 40 light years away and very similar to our home-planet

NASA discovered seven planets that are only 40 light years away and very similar to our home -planet

The latest discoveries by NASA had shown an amazing result. NASA was very excited to announce that they found seven planets outside of our solar system, very near to our own planet Earth and with similar characteristics. It is very common that these planets may be inhabitable.

The seven planets are part of a whole new solar system. With pretty much warm climate and a large amount of rocky terrain, these planets promise a new expedition, on which scientists will be searching signs of life and water, beyond our solar system. All the planets pass in front of TRAPPIST-1, which is also known as ‘ultra-cool dwarf’ star. Despite its name, this solar system doesn’t have any similarities with Gimli, from The Lord of the Rings.

TRAPPIST-1 star is much smaller than the size of our sun, 12 times smaller, to be exact, and only a little bit larger than Jupiter. This means that the heat gives just a quarter of the radiant heat. The planets that orbit this solar system are very near to the star. The one that is closest, completes its annual cycle in only one day, and the one that is furthest finishes the cycle in only 20 days.

The discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 and its planets with earthly characteristics are of a great importance to everyone involved in these explorations. So far, we’ve only been presented four candidates, including our own planet. The brand new planets were a discovery by researchers led by Michaël Gillon of the University of Liège. They were studying the TRAPPIST-1 star and have constantly observed it since 2015. They noticed a lower brightness of the star, which was caused by the orbiting of three of the planets.

The observers have presented to NASA that these new planets are very likely to give signs of something more than just the planets themselves. They believe that this will possibly lead to a discovery of so-called ‘alien life’. However, it is too early to conclude all the other similarities or characteristics similar to our home planet, despite the warmth which is a result of their place in the “habitable zone” of TRAPPITST-1, and the rocky terrains. The possible presence of water or oxygen gas is yet to be observed and discovered.

NASA researchers are very positive about the discovery of the even seven planets which are only 40 light years away from our home. The fact that these planets have basic similarities to our own planet is very promising. Maybe, life indeed exists outside our home planet and on a lot more places in the galaxy than we’ve thought.

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