NASA Gets the Best UFO Sight by Accident

NASA Gets the Best UFO Sight by Accident

One more unidentified flying object was spotted on a video by the space cameras of NASA. In the outer atmosphere of Earth, a really weird disk-shaped object was spotted flying. The video cause a lot of debates on the Internet. It raised many questions like, is it a vehicle of Aliens? Space Debris? A large amount of the comments were about evidence that the Earth is finally host to Aliens. The others comment that this is nothing more but a mistake in the filming camera.

Whatsoever, the footage which was uploaded on YouTube did create a controversial debate between the ones who believe that we are visited by Aliens, and the ones who doubt this statement at the very core. Among these skeptical comments was one that said we should get the UFO pay its tax for landing on Earth.

But, honestly only small parts of the footage are released so we are left with not much evidence to explore.

NASA’s interruption on the live feed raises the doubts of many people who believe that we are all part of a huge and scary conspiracy.

According to one YouTube user, the main question is not what the object is, but why NASA didn’t cover the object like it did many times before.

Many people say that we should no longer be doubtful for this question. As we already have many astronomers from the past that claim their stories of seeing UFO’s and claiming the possible existence of Alien life.

One of them is Theodor C. Lodler III, who said that a lot of intelligent ‘visitors’ are coming to Earth and have came many times before. They are and will be referred as Visitors, Others, Star People and so on.

One of the Apollo’s astronauts Dr. Edgar Mitchel who is also the founder of the
IONS (Institute of Noetic Science) said that he is a witness that UFO stories are real. He claims that human kind is not alone in the universe.

Other retired astronaut from NASA, Franklin Story Musgrave said that it is a large possibility of an existence of other civilizations, much more developed and intelligent than ours. His beliefs are that they might have visited us.

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