Here Is Why You Should Never Lie To A Smart Woman

Here Is Why You Should Never Lie To A Smart Woman

Women are mysterious creatures, they have an insane intuition and a sharp mind that will never let them be fooled, especially when it comes to their loved one. Men tend to forget how intuitive women can be and often believe they can get away with their lies and deceptions, only to find out that they’re the ones being fooled.

Our advice and the moral of the following story is: Never lie to your woman, she’ll find out and it’ll be the end of you. The man in this story had to find out the hard way.

A man calls his wife from the office and tells her that his boss invited him to a fishing trip out of town for the weekend and he accepted. He explained that it’s an opportunity for him to move up the ladder in his company and that he couldn’t have said no. So he asked his wife to pack his fishing box, his rod and enough clothes for the days he’ll be staying out of town. Before hanging up he said he’ll come by after work to pick up the bag and he also asked her to pack his new silk pajamas.

The wife sniffed the lies out of her husband and her intuition was telling her that there was something off with her husband’s excuses. However, as she didn’t want to sound crazy, she decided to do as her husband told her and knew that the truth will come out eventually.

The weekend was over and the husband returned home, looking all tired and worn out but happy because he managed to spend some more time with his boss and hopefully earn his promotion. The wife asked him all about the time he spent there, about the boss, the other colleagues and then she asked if they managed to catch any fish. Her husband said that it was a successful fishing trip as well, as they caught lots of blue gills, salmon and a couple of swordfish. He then asked her why didn’t she packed his silk pajamas? Had she forgotten about them?

The woman, disappointed, just told him that the pajamas were packed, she just put them in his fishing box!

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