You Should Never Marry a Man with These 13 Habits

You Should Never Marry a Man with These 13 Habits

We’ve always hoped to marry the perfect guy, to marry Mr. Right and live happily ever after with him. However, things are not always as simple as they appear in the movies we watch and we often meat guys that seem perfect at the beginning but soon turn out to be the complete opposite of what we’ve hoped for.

How can you tell if the man is right for you? How can you know if he’s marriage material or someone you should run away from?

Well, the following list may help you make your choice because these habits in a man should never be tolerated and if your partner has them you should never marry him:

He’s narrow minded

If a guy is narrow minded and restrains you from living your life as you’ve imagined you should know that a lifetime with such a guy would be a nightmare. This type of men are negative and would do anything in their power to cut you down and make you narrow minded as well. Run away from these men as there’s nothing worse than being narrow-minded.

He hates animals

A person who hates animals is no good for you, there’s nothing worse than an animal-hating person. Who could hate animals? No one decent and right in their mind, that’s for sure. It’s one thing to be allergic to animals or simply feel like you’re not the right person to keep one, but hating animals is a completely different story.

A hatred towards animals signifies a lack of empathy and you don’t want to be with a person like that.

He often breaks the rules

If your partner doesn’t respect the basic rules in your relationship and always finds excuses to do what he pleases, he’s no good for you. You tell him not to do something and he goes ahead and does it anyway; this kind of behavior is disrespectful towards you and your relationship and should not be tolerated. We all make mistake from time to time, but if he doesn’t respect the ground rules you’ve set up in your relationship what does that tell you about his behavior in marriage?

He breaks his promises

If this happens once or twice, it’s no big deal, but if he constantly does it without worrying about the consequences it’s a cause for alarm. If he constantly makes promises that he doesn’t keep you should exit the relationship and not look back, he’s most definitely worth your time.

You’re always second to him

Whenever one person is more into the relationship than the other, things can get messy. If your partner doesn’t care about how much you’ve invested in your relationship and isn’t giving any feedback you’re probably better off without him. A healthy relationship is about giving and receiving, but if you’re the one who’s always giving and he’s on the receiving end you need to reconsider things. If you’re never his priority and always come second to everything, he’s not the guy you should marry.

He’s never wrong

If your partner always thinks he’s right about everything and never admits his mistakes, he’s not the guy for you. We all make mistakes and the important thing is to admit them and move forward. If he’s unable to do this and believes that everything he does and says is right you most certainly don’t need him in your life.

He’s full of excuses

If your partner has an excuse for everything he does, right or wrong, he’s not right for you. Whatever he does, he finds a way to justify it and you simply don’t know how to react? This type of man will never change and he’ll always be looking for excuses for his actions. It’s a sign that he doesn’t care enough for you and your relationship and you deserve better than this.

He always wants to have the last word

All partners fight, it’s a healthy sign or a healthy relationship and can even make things more interesting. However, a healthy way to deal with a fight is to admit that you may have opposing views to a subject and sometimes simply agree to disagree.

But if he always wants to have the last word in a fight and never wants to admit that he may be wrong, he’s the reason why your relationship is dysfunctional.

He’s a conversation killer

All he does is talk and talk and talk and never lets you share your opinion about a subject he’s a conversation killer. It’s OK if someone is more talkative than you, but if he seems as if he doesn’t care for what you have to say but simply loves to hear himself talk, he’s selfish and probably will stay like this forever. These kind of people are no fun being around with and it would be a mistake to marry him.


We all know to tell a white lie or two from time to time, it’s not the end of the world and sometimes they may even be for the greater good. But if you catch him lying to you all the time, even about the smallest and insignificant things he may have a problem and you don’t need him in your life. Relationships are based on trust and if this trust is broken there’s no going back.

Doesn’t care about your family

A loving partner will not only love you, but he will love your family and friends as well. As much as they’re annoying or boring, they’re family and we love them for that. Your partner should respect this as well and should enjoy spending time with the people you love because he loves you. If he doesn’t like to spend time with them and avoids them at all costs he’s not the man for you.

He’s breaks ties easily

If he’s quick to end a friendship or a tie with his colleagues for the slightest quarrel or disagreement, what does it say about him? He probably won’t think twice about breaking up with you if that’s how he feels in the moment so you should end things before it’s too late.

He’s abusive

This is the deal-breaker no women should ever tolerate. Nothing else matters if he’s abusive to you, emotionally or physically, abuse is something you should never tolerate. If your partner raises a hand on you or starts abusing you verbally you should break things off right away and never look back.

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