Never Settle for A Relationship That Doesn’t Make You Feel Happy

Never Settle for A Relationship That Doesn’t Make You Feel Happy

You should never rush into a relationship that doesn’t completely fulfill you or makes you feel less than perfect. Don’t let yourself settle for an average relationship just because you’re afraid to be single. Staying in an unsatisfying relationship will only make you regret it, sooner or later, but when you realize it, it may already be late. It’s better to stay single and wait for the right person than being with a person who makes you feel bad.

Don’t rush into things and allow yourself to find the person that’s meant for you, to find the one that makes you feel whole. Staying with someone that doesn’t make you happy can make your life miserable, you can end up regretting every single day you’re with him. You don’t deserve to be with a person that makes you feel stressed, anxious or simply dissatisfied with your own life. Being with someone that you don’t love or doesn’t love you will never make you happy and you shouldn’t let yourself feel unhappy. If your relationship doesn’t make you feel safe, secure and comfortable, you should let it go and never look back. Trust us when we tell you that it’s better to be your own company than being in the company of a person that isn’t right for you.

Let yourself be single and find the person that will trust you with everything they have. A person that doesn’t flicker whenever you reach for his phone or his laptop because he doesn’t have to keep secrets from you. Wait for the person that will always pick up the phone whenever you call him and will never act all mysterious when you ask him where he is and with whom. Wait for the person that will be an open book for you, just like you want to be with him.

Never settle for anyone that treats you like an object of sexual desire. Look for a man who will love for who you are, completely and limitlessly. Wait for the guy who just wants to hug you and kiss you whenever he sees you, who showers you with love and affection and can’t find enough ways to tell you that he loves you. Wait for the man who wants to tell you all his deepest secrets and desires, who wants to share with you his fears and his worries and seeks your advice because he respects it the most. Wait for the person who’ll listen to you even when you’ve got nothing smart to say, the person who will laugh at all your jokes and make you laugh as well.

Don’t settle for an average relationship. Wait for the one that makes you feel happy and head over heels in love. You deserve to be in a relationship that fills your heart with joy and happiness, with love and affection and with content. You should be with a person that will make all your worries go away, the person that will give you his support and comfort you in your times of need.

You should be with a person that is completely honest with you and will never lie to you, no matter what. Wait for the one that will be loyal to you and only you and will never make you doubt him in any way. Wait for the person that will know how much you’re worth and will be grateful for every day he gets to spend with you.

You deserve to be with someone who will make you his priority and will never do anything to let you down. Wait for that person that will make your eyes shine and your heart skip a beat whenever you see him.

Take all the time you need and wait for this man because once you meet him and start a relationship with him, you’ll know it was all worth it. When he finally enters your life, you’ll know that nothing else was not even close to the thing you have now. You’ll finally realize true love and happiness and will never ever settle for anything less.

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