You Should Never Treat Your Parents with Disrespect

You Should Never Treat Your Parents with Disrespect

Today we want to share with you a heartbreaking story about an 80-year old man and his grown up, 45-year old, educated son.

The old man was sitting on the couch in the living room with his son as a raven suddenly appeared on their living room window, landing peacefully.

The old man asked his son about the bird that landed outside the window. The son kindly replied to his father that it’s a raven.

Just a couple of minutes later, the old man again asked his son, what is that bird outside the window. The son, said, “I just told you, father, don’t you remember, it’s a raven!”

A few moments later, the old man asked his son for the third time, “Son, what is that bird outside our window?” Now the son was rather annoyed and irritated by his father, replying rather harshly, “It’s a raven, a raven!”

After a while, the old man asked again, for the fourth time, about the bird on the window. The son, unable to control himself, yelled back, “How can you ask me the same things a million times, I just told you it’s a raven, can’t you understand the words I’m saying?

The old man said nothing to his son, just walked away and left the living room. A little while later he came back to the room, carrying an old journal he kept since the time his son was born. He opened the journal, flipped a few pages and asked his son to read him a page from it. The son took the journal and read the following:

I was sitting with my 3-year old son in the living room when a raven suddenly landed on the outside window. My son, surprised from the sight, asked me 22 times what that bird was. I replied for 22 times that the bird is called a raven and hugged him each time, admiring his curiosity, not feeling annoyed by his questions because after all he’s just a kid.”

The old man’s son asked him 22 times about the raven and the father lovingly responded each time, not feeling annoyed or irritated by his son’s questions. But 40 years later, when the father asked the son the same question for just 4 times, the son couldn’t control himself and yelled at his father, feeling irritated by his behavior.

The moral of this story is that when your parents reach old age and start to forget and act as children, don’t look at them as a burden, don’t feel irritated by them or treat them with disrespect. Be kind and understanding, just like they were with you when you were a little kid. Try to make up to them for all the sleepless nights, for all the love and attention they gave you, for all the support. Don’t forget that those parents were the ones that raised you, the ones that made you the person you are today. Never forget that they’ve invested in you so much of their time, love and affection.

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