The Great Nikola Tesla Envisioned Drones A Century Ago!

The Great Nikola Tesla Envisioned Drones A Century Ago!

Nikola Tesla was a true pioneer in science. He was ahead of his time, inventing things that have seen widespread use a century later. In the late XIX century, Tesla envisioned technologies that will not be put to use until the late XX century such as wireless communication. He had incredible ideas for wireless electric power and other crazy ideas that unfortunately didn’t see the light of day.

Tesla patented numerous technologies and it seems that the one which surfaced recently was one of his greatest inventions. If you ever needed proof that the man was ahead of his time, one of his patents proves it. Matthew Schroyer, instructional technologist at the Oklahoma City Community College recently tweeted a snippet of the patent which shows that Nikola Tesla was planning to develop unmanned vehicles for exploration, warfare and communication. If you’re wondering what they might be, they’re drones, the unmanned vehicles which are so popular today.

The Great Nikola Tesla Envisioned Drones A Century Ago!

The patent was filed on July 1, 1898 and contains a diagram and text which shows how the machines would operate. It clearly says that they would be controlled under the influence of waves from a remote source. According to Tesla’s explanation in the patent, these vehicles could be used for scientific exploration as well as engineering and commercial purposes. In the end, he adds that he feels they will have the best effect upon warfare.

Sounds like the drones used nowadays, doesn’t it? From Amazon to the Army, drones have a wide range of scientific and warfare application, which means that Tesla actually invented them over a century ago.

Perhaps the biggest prophetic aspect of the great inventor and futurist is the allusion to drone warfare which is quite common today. Although many have criticized the Army for using drones, Tesla ends his note on the patent by saying that due to their unlimited destructiveness they should bring “peace among nations”.

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