No Strong Woman Will Ever Tolerate These 6 Things in a Relationship

No Strong Woman Will Ever Tolerate These 6 Things in a Relationship

Strong women are the pillars of our society, they radiate with charm, confidence and positive energy and they turn heads everywhere they go. They’re never afraid to be alone because they enjoy solitude, they find solace in it and they simply know that sometimes it’s better to be alone than with someone that doesn’t respect them. If you fall in love with a strong woman you need to treat her good, you need to respect her and you need to cherish her, because if you don’t, she’ll be gone, and there will be nothing you could do about it.

No strong woman will ever tolerate the following things in a relationship:


Relationships are built on trust and respect, these are the most important things for every strong woman. If you’re with a strong woman you know that she values your opinions and she respects them, regardless of whether or not she shares them as well. If you don’t treat her the same, if you show her disrespect in any way, she will never tolerate it. If you disrespect other people’s opinions as well, she’ll take not of it and she will not tolerate it. If you want to be with a strong woman you need to show you’re open to every idea, you’re understanding and respectful of all people, not just the ones in your closest circle of friends.

Gender inequality

She may be a woman, but she will be treated as your equal and nothing less. She detests gender inequalities, stereotypes and doesn’t want anyone to treat her differently just because she’s a lady. Remember this and tread lightly around your strong woman, because she won’t tolerate your manly behavior one bit, she will not be dominated and she will not be submissive.

Mind games and manipulations

You need to know that she’s a strong, independent woman who has her boundaries, ones you should never cross. Don’t think for a second that you will be able to manipulate her into doing something she doesn’t want through your little mind games, she will see right through them and leave you in a second. If there’s something she hates, that’s manipulations and mind games. If you’re kind and understanding, she will try to please you but will never do anything that puts her freedom in jeopardy. Never try to double cross her because it will be the end of you.

Not listening to her

Unfortunately, in today’s world it’s getting harder and harder to find people who will truly listen to you. Some people will try to listen but will never understand you, while some will be so arrogant that won’t even listen to what you have to say because they believe they know it all. A strong woman will never tolerate either of these types, she will only be with a man who will listen to her and pay attention to everything she has to say. A strong, intelligent woman never speaks in vain, she only speaks when she has something meaningful to say, so she expects her partner to recognize it and listen to her. If she sees he doesn’t, she will leave him in an instant.

Not showing her support

A strong woman has big dreams and aspirations and will do anything she can to make them true. Her partner needs to support her in everything she sets her mind to, will motivate her to aim higher and to follow her dreams because he believes in her. If she sees that you hold her back, that you slow her down and that you don’t believe in her, she will leave you behind and never look back.

Not expressing your emotions

A strong woman knows exactly what she wants and she’s not afraid or embarrassed to express her feelings. She needs a man who feels the same. She needs someone who will show her how much he cares for her, how much he loves her and how much he’s happy with her. She needs a man that will make her feel special and appreciated, loved and cherished. If you don’t show her all these things she will leave you in a heartbeat. You may love her deeply but if you don’t know how to show it, you’ll lose her forever.

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