It’s OK To Be Alone Until You Find the Person That Completes You

It’s OK To Be Alone Until You Find the Person That Completes You

Love is a power that can lift us up high in the sky or put us down under the ground. It’s the most profound and sacred of feelings in the emotional realm, it’s a sensation that has no definition and one that can not be explained with words. One must feel true love so that one can know what true love is. 

You should never, ever allow yourself to settle for the average when it comes to love, it’s one of the most important aspects of life and it should never be a compromise. Wait for your love to come, because when it does come you’ll know why you were waiting for it for so long.

Whenever we’re alone, or meet someone new we always wonder if this may be the relationship we’ve been waiting for. After some time, we wonder if maybe we ask for too much, we hope for something extraordinary when maybe this is what’s in store for us? Maybe life dealt us with just the wrong set of cards and a mediocre relationship is the best we can do?

No, no and no! 

All the opportunities of this world are at your fingertips, all you need to do is reach out and grab them. Don’t be afraid to wait a little longer, wander off into the unknown and search for the things that make you happy. This path of the unknown will lead you to the genuine, pure love of your life you’ve been waiting all this time for.

There’s nothing wrong in being alone. There’s nothing tragic, scary or shameful. It’s an inevitable part of our journey through life and one must be patient and wait for the opportunity that lies ahead. Don’t think for one second that you’re less likable, incompetent, stupid, weird or ugly if you’re alone. It’s the only reasonable move after a plethora of unpleasant, unfulfilling, empty relationships and toxic people you’ve been with. Spending some time alone is what you need to prepare yourself for what comes along next.

Love shouldn’t make you miserable or bad, love should lift you up and make you an even better person. It should make you feel good about yourself and there’s no compromises you should do on this subject.

So allow yourself to be alone until you finally find that person that makes you feel this way. Don’t be afraid cause right around the corner you may meet that soul mate you’ve been waiting for and you’ll be glad you’re alone.

Take all the time you need. Be alone until you figure out what it is that you’re looking for, what it is that you need in life to feel happy. Stay alone until you find your other half, the person that will love you for what you are, will love every single part of you and will be thrilled to be there for you and with you. Don’t make compromises and wait for that beautiful person who will finally give you the respect you deserve, will treat you right and won’t be able to imagine his life without you.

Don’t be scared to be alone until you meet that person you’ll love waking up to every single morning for the rest of your life. Wait for the person you’ll love growing old with and never settle for anything less.

Because anything less than this is not deserving of your time. Anything less than this is simply not enough. Anything less than this will not make you happy, will not make you feel good about yourself, will not fulfil you!

Don’t be afraid to stay single until you’re finally with a person who will listen to everything you’re saying because they love listening to your voice and respect everything you have to say. Stay single until you find the one that will not be ashamed to admit his mistakes and say sorry. Stay single until you find the one that shares your deepest desires and knows your deepest secrets.

It may be hard at times, but don’t let yourself be shaped by society’s norms and standards. Allow yourself to be free and stay strong. Love will find its way to you, you just need to persevere all the challenges and overcome the obstacles on your quest to eternal happiness and bliss.

Don’t let your insecurities get the better of you and stay strong. Tell yourself that this is your choice and you won’t let anything or anyone change your mind. Tell yourself that you’re waiting for the love of your life and will not settle for anything less than that.

Once that person comes knocking on your door, you’ll know it, and you’ll be thankful you’ve waited for him.

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