Old Souls Struggle to Find Love! Here Are 13 Reasons Why

Old Souls Struggle to Find Love! Here Are 13 Reasons Why

Old Souls, using this term we refer to people who have free spirits and are more mature and have deeper understanding. Along with these character traits comes their need to love unconditionally. Many of them carry their burden from the past. Their growth and maturity is based on the pain and hardships from their past. So, when it comes to relationships, they need someone who is on their level mentally and spiritually. They need someone who is just like them, capable of dealing with their own luggage. Old souls have the best intentions when it comes to love, because of that we describe thirteen reasons why is it so hard for them to find someone worthy:

1. Old Souls Dislike Casual Dating

They hate that modern “one-night stand” lifestyle, they seek something deeper, a true connection. For them speed dating is pointless, they want to build the relationship from ground up, no matter how long it takes.

2. They Seek True Love

We all know how hard it is to find true love these days. They seek for another old soul with who they can experience true love. Someone with who they won’t have to hide or change who they are, someone who accepts them as they are.

3. Yes, They Are Healers, But Don’t Expect From Them To Fix You

Their sensitive nature is the reason they attract people who need help in the first place, but they will never enter in a relationship just to “fix” someone.

4. Old Souls Are Complicated People

Their minds never ran out of thoughts, they think constantly and most of them have very intense personalities. This is one of the reasons why they have hard time finding someone who can understand this complexity of theirs. Their seeking of depth and true meaning in a world full of materialists gives them really hard time.

5. They Want To Love Someone Without Holding Back

For Old Souls being fully compatible with the personalities is not enough. They seek someone who can open their heart and soul to even if it would cause them great pain. They want vulnerable love, because it is this kind of love that gives encouragement to love without holding back.

6. They Need Commitment And Sacrifice

For true love to last, it needs constant commitment and a lot of sacrifice from both sides. Words mean nothing to them if aren’t backed by actions. For ‘’Old Souls”, true love is when you share every experience good or bad with your other half.

7. They Search For Soulmate

They know that eventually they will find their soulmate, and they’re ready to wait as long as it takes. They won’t settle for relationship just for comfort or security, if it isn’t someone who can truly touch their heart and soul, they’re not interested.

8. Their Free Spirit Guides Them

As soon as they fall in love they feel completely free. And as soon as the moment comes and someone tries to control them they feel like they’re in cage, and they seek their freedom again. They need their freedom because it is the freedom that makes them who they are.

9. They Need More Than Just Sex

For them sex is only a momentary pleasure, and one-night stands are not enough for them. They prefer making love with their partners, they need their souls to fall in love first, they want to share the same energy while making love.

10. Their Overthinking Can Ruin Relationships

They suffer extensively from overthinking, and they do this because of their sensitive character. Overthinking can create worries and doubts that can easily destroy unstable relationship.

11. Their Wounds Speak Of Their Ability To Love

Their need to love unconditionally is what brought them the biggest and most painful wounds. They remind them how painful love can be, but if anything, else, this speaks of how much they can commit to love someone.

12. They Carry Their Luggage From The Past

Old Souls carry their luggage in a form of undisclosed desires, unresolved issues, pending problems. And not being able to work this out, most relationships fail because of it.

13. They Fear Love Just As Much As They Need it

Fear is always there for them. Mostly to remind them they have something to lose, and to remind them how painful love can be. Often in some cases, fear overcomes the emotions and ruins the relationship.

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