Are You One of the Most Dangerous Zodiac SIgns?

Are You One of the Most Dangerous Zodiac SIgns?

The majority of people take the zodiac sign predictions very seriously. Statements such as “Geminis are very compatible” and “Pisceans sure make the most erratic lot”, are very common, and have been believed for so many years. Nowadays, however, predictions run on actual data. Even the FBI has published the birth dates of notorious psychopaths and serial killers on the base of which we get a clear picture which of the zodiac signs should be most feared. Never forget what you learn in this short overview, and make sure you tag one of your friends which has the most precarious zodiac profile.

Gemini has the reputation of being the safest of the zodiac signs. You could rarely see them getting into criminal activities, due to their principle of looking for logic in their everything activities.

The second place is firmly held by Aquarius. They are justice warriors, making sure they are always making the right moves. Therefore, the chances of them getting involved into crime are quite slight.

Leos also fall short of the title ‘’Most Dangerous’’, despite their passion for leadership in everything. However, should they kill a person, they are very prone to attract the attention of the authorities because of their aptitude for drama.

Librans might be nice and tolerant, but have a bag full of other talents. They can soon turn to violence the instance they understand someone is taking advantage of them.

Be wary of Virgos, their attention to detail and neatness makes them almost perfect killers. Fear not however, in most cases, they meddle only in petty crimes such as fraud or theft. You are safe!

Pisceans are known for their tranquil creativity, which is not always owed to their need to blend in. Historically, Pisceans show to be the most infamous killers. Therefore, should you see your friend Pisces plunged into contemplation, be afraid, be very afraid!

Capricorns ate not the stuff serial killers are made of, but should they choose the life of violence, they sure make the headlines!

Aries are renowned to have a short fuse; however, it is not always that they resort to violence. Holding the solid number five place in most dangerous zodiac signs’ list, Aries are those who can bear so my hate towards you that they even might murder you, and pray that they won’t… while staying at enough distance and sending shiny presents to appease them.

Be wary of a raging Taurean. But worry not, even though their temper is stuff of legends, research data shows they are much more inclined to fraud than to murder.

Is there a Sagittarian you know? Be extremely careful. Firmly holding the strong third place in the Most Dangerous Zodiac list, they do not just commit crime, they plunge themselves into it with mind and soul! Instantly think of medieval torment, gruesome methods, and fabled manslaughter weapons.

Scorpios hold second place in the Most Dangerous Zodiac list. They are marked sadists, so tiptoe around them if you value your lie.

We slowly come to our first place. The danger lays in they you will never have even guessed that the kind homely heartthrob – Cancer. They suffer from such tremendous mood swings that, based on our data, they are the most common killers out of pure jealousy and vengeance for emotional hurt.

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