There Is One Thing That Men Like More Than Sex

There Is One Thing That Men Like More Than Sex

You might not believe it, but this is actually true and there is one thing that men like more than sex.

But, why men like sex so much? Besides the fact that sex is great, could it be their way of expressing feelings?

When you think about it, this makes sense since men are not so good with words, but most of them are good at having sex.

There are experts that agree with this statement, but women look at this as a stereotype and they have repulsion towards men who are obsessed with sex.

So, it turns out that men would be happy if they were able to express their feelings and receive those feelings in return.

But, even women are not so great at expressing love as they believe to be. Women tend to be vocal about their feelings, but most of them fail when it comes to expressing them.

Men need sex as proof that they are being loved by their partner. So, when woman rejects man, even when she loves him, that man will think that he’s not loved.

Why women are not able to express love through sex, like men do?

The reason could be because women do not look at sex as a way of expressing love, they see it as a way for the men to satisfy themselves and that is it.

There is this way of thinking that women are the ones who should be needy in a relationship, not men.

Needy men are perceived as childish by women.

Women find it hard to draw a line between having a life partner and nurturing that same person.

Distrustfulness is another reason women do not care for sex as much as men do. They have been deceived many times before and they find it hard to start trusting someone.

This is not the case for every single woman out there, but most of them feel this way.

Therefore, when women want openness in a relationship, men want the same thing but their way of expressing love is different from the one woman have.

Sex can be as vulnerable for the men as it is vulnerable for the women and that fact must be recognized.

So, instead of thinking that some man wants to get you in bad just so that he can feel good, start considering that it could be a way for him to express his feeling towards you.

This does not mean that a woman must have sex with whoever suggests it, but they should understand their partner’s needs more than they have before.

Sex is more than just sex and your partner’s feelings will get clearer to you through the act of sex. Just let all those stereotypes go away and let yourself be more open towards this theory.

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