Here’s Why Overly Polite People Are Not What You Think They Are

Here’s Why Overly Polite People Are Not What You Think They Are

Do you know any people who are too polite that it’s almost unreal? They might seem nice at first sight, which is why many people like them. However, according to scientists, we should all watch out for these people as they’re not as good as it seems.

Recently at a conference in Beijing, scientists decided to conduct a study. The staged a game called Diplomacy where the participants were divided into European countries before World War I. Their goal was only to socialize with each other. After observing the participants for a couple of hours, the scientists found out that in nearly 60% of the conversations, the ‘countries’ who were too polite ended up betraying others.

Now, the study might have been only a stimulation, but the conditions were rooted in human nature. Just think about it – when someone wants to do something behind your back, they won’t be outright mean to you – they’ll woo you with their politeness and stab a knife in your back. We experience this type of manipulation on a daily basis, which is why you shouldn’t trust overly polite people too much.

The first signal that indicated the betrayal was a change in the conversational tone. At one moment, the teams were suspicious of each other, then in the other, they became friends. They were nice to each other, which the researchers saw as a mechanism for the betrayal that followed.

So, when you’re meeting new people, you shouldn’t consider then nice automatically just because they were polite. Trust your gut in these cases and be aware of the people you meet. Now, you don’t want to be a jerk about it, but at least keep in mind that not all polite people are really polite and kind. Get to know them better before you trust your judgment in order to prevent them from sticking a knife in your back.

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