Here’s What Parenting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Here’s What Parenting Mistakes You Must Avoid

Being a parent is one of the hardest responsibilities in life. It’s up to the parent to make the child grow and develop properly into an independent adult with nice manners. Every parent invests a lot of time in the social development and academic advancement of their child, which usually involves harmful techniques that can hamper the child’s growth.

Knowing the difference between the positive and negative techniques of raising a child is of vital importance, especially if you’ve decided to use the same techniques your parents used on you. Here are some common parenting techniques that can make a child problematic and hinder its growth:

Hitting and Punishment

Some parents think that hitting their child as a form of punishment will make them obedient and disciplined, but this kind of corporal behavior is exactly the thing you should avoid. It’s a severely outdated discipline that holds no relevance nowadays. Methods such as spanking won’t teach your child self-restraint – it will only make them fear you and the consequences of making a mistake. This will prevent them from learning from their own mistakes, which can be dangerous later in their life.

Discouraging Arguments

Many parents think that having a discouraging argument can prevent a child from acting rebellious. Authoritarianism allows parents to reinforce their authority in the hope that their child will settle down. However, discouraging your children from talking back promotes great tension which can build up in them and make them develop a poor sense of autonomy. Instead of discouraging arguments, try talking to your children and listening what they have to say instead of shutting their mouth.

Exposing Children to Electronics from an Early Age

Nowadays, it’s becoming pretty common to let children sit in front of a TV or a tablet from an early age. Some parents use this method as a substitute for actual interaction and while the children are not exposed to inappropriate content, staring at a screen for hours can affect their reasoning and maturity.

Over time, infants can get accustomed to this and develop a pretty short attention span. Studies have shown that these children also learn slower than the others and prefer watching videos to interacting with people. Exposing your children to electronic devices from an early age will impair their motor and language skills and make them miss out on socialization which is a crucial step in their proper mental development.

Yelling and Cursing

Yelling and cursing at your children will help you vent out your frustration. Yes, children can be rude and frustrating at times, but yelling at them is not the answer. Emotional abuse is a serious problem which is sometimes even worse than physical abuse. Yelling and cursing at your children when they’re young can make them develop trust and self-esteem issues, which can eventually lead to depression.

Children living in a hostile environment will use hatred and anger as normal reactions when dealing with a problem which can make their life a living hell.

Too Much Control

Being a parent is like wearing your heart on a sleeve. You’re constantly worried about your children and that’s OK but trying to control their every move will result in obsession and can lead to a host of problems for both the parent and child. Controlling your child’s life will lead them to develop dependence and insecurity which can create serious problems for them when they grow up. Instead of worrying about your children and controlling them, just trust them and believe they’ve been raised right.

Withholding Affection

Withholding affection can come in big or small packages. The big ones are expressing hatred in the form of emotional or physical abuse, which is outright wrong. However, even small seemingly innocent gestures of withholding affection can be painful for children when done on a regular basis. Threatening to withhold affection is one of the methods many parents use to make their children calm down. When exposed to this kind of behavior, these children may develop trust issues which can impair their reasoning and judgment.

A big part of being a parent is understanding when you’re behaving badly. Children learn a lot from their parents, but we can learn a lot from them as well. There’s always room to improve and grow and it’s exactly what every parent should strive for.

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