What’s Your and Your Partner’s Most Preferred Sleeping Position? Here’s What it Means!

What’s Your and Your Partner’s Most Preferred Sleeping Position? Here’s What it Means!

We all have to sleep, it’s an inevitable part of our everyday life and something we’re so used to that we don’t pay much attention to it. Moreover, we’re used to certain sleeping positions that are comfortable for us and don’t even stop to ask if they have a deeper meaning. When it comes to sleeping with our partner we tend to use the same sleeping position every night, it’s the position that suits us both and it turns out that it can reveal a thing or two about our relationship, our personality traits and our tendencies.

Here’s what your sleeping position reveals about your relationship:


Spooning is one of the most common sleeping positions, it’s a caring, tender position that also reveals a few other things about the people sharing it. Usually the big spoon is the dominant partner in the relationship, the one that provides support and help while the smaller spoon is the one that receive the support and care and the more passive partner in the relationship.

Sleeping on her/his chest

This position is common among partners who feel pure love, but it’s also a position that is usually practiced by new couples. It strengthens the relationship and gives off a feeling of support and protection.

Edge of the Bed Spooning

This usually happens when one person moves to the far side of the bed and the other person follows until they start spooning at the edge of the bed. This type of sleeping position reveals a feeling of commitment and is a reflection of support between the partners.

Interlaced sleepers

This position is not as common as the others but it’s still a position many practice. It’s when you intertwine your legs and arms together and keep your faces close to each other. This is a very intimate and passionate position which signifies a physical and emotional dependence between the partners.

Holding hands

If your relationship with your partner is long lasting and strong there’s a high probability that you hold hands while you sleep. This means that you want to show each other that you’ll always be there for each other, always by each other’s side until the very end.

Sleeping back to back

Many people believe that this sleeping position represents alienated partners, but it’s quite the opposite. Partners who’re confident in the strength of their relationship are known to sleep back to back. This means that they completely trust each other and have no problem in turning their back in their sleep.

Sleeping on opposite sides

This sleeping position signifies a healthy independence between the partners. It happens when the partners are happy with themselves and feel relaxed and at ease. It means that you love and respect your partner but you also respect his or her space and know that this is how you’re most comfortable

Sleeping with joined feet

This position signifies that one person may seek contact and waits to see the response from the other partner. If the partner touches you back it means that he feels the same, while is he doesn’t it may be a negative experience.

The usurper

This is also quite common, when one partner starts usurping the other partner’s space and leaves just a small area for him or her to sleep on. This is a sign of selfishness and happens when one partner doesn’t value or respect the other partner enough.  

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