According To A Research, People With RH Negative Blood Type May Be Aliens!

According To A Research, People With RH Negative Blood Type May Be Aliens!

As most of you know, there are four blood types in total – A, B, AB and O. All these blood types differ in the presence of certain proteins. However, the rare RH blood type is unique as it doesn’t contain proteins at all.

There are many theories about the RH negative blood type and the reason for its lack of proteins. Only 15% of the human population has it and many experts think that these people actually come from another planet! The theories are pretty wild, but these people are fairly unique. For starters, they can donate blood to any other blood type. They are compatible with all the blood types, but are very limited in their receiving compatibility, as they can only receive blood from other people like them. Although people with the RH blood type can be found all over the world, they are mostly concentrated in Europe, which is another mystery.

The origin of this blood type is still up in the air. Scientists have tried determining the origin of this unique blood type, but so far, they’ve only been able to track it down to a couple of tribes in specific territories in Europe.

These people also share unique characteristics as lower body temperature, sensitivity to high temperatures and blue and green eyes. Some experts say that people with the RH blood type have higher emotional awareness. Furthermore, when pregnant women with this blood type try to give birth, they usually have a hard time as the body tries to naturally kill off the child, recognizing it as alien! Mysterious, isn’t it? In this case, only a medical procedure can save the child, but the odds aren’t great. It’s just strange how the body tries to kill life when it was built to create, not destroy.

At the moment, science doesn’t have a real answer to this unique blood type. There are many studies underway which are trying to determine the origins of the RH blood type and discover what it truly represents. Without scientific evidence, however, we are left theorizing about the origins of these unique people and what their true purpose is.

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