Study Revealed: People with RH Negative Blood Type Have DNA Not From Earth

Study Revealed: People with RH Negative Blood Type Have DNA Not From Earth

According to the modern medicine there are 4 blood types: A, B, AB and 0. They are all different and protein is present in every blood type. But, the negative RH blood type is an exception because it doesn’t contain protein.

There were different theories about it on the social media, like the one that says that the lack of protein means that people who have this blood type are not from our planet. Moreover, people who have RH negative blood type (15%) come from another world.

Even thought, there are many theories about this, only one thing is common: the people who have this blood type have very special traits.  Firstly, the ability to donate blood and to save lives and help someone. Their blood type is compatible to every other blood type. However, if they need blood the list is very short. Only people with their type of blood can help them.  Although their percentage (15%) is great among the human population, these people are mainly located in Northern Europe.

The crucial question hasn’t been answered. Many scientists who have studied biology, genetics, and archaeology have made a research about the history 35,000 back and it seems that the people who have the above-mentioned blood type are connected with a small group of tribes and small areas in Europe.

They have mutual characteristics that can be studied, like lower body temperature, red hair, they are extremely sensitive on sun, and they have green or blue eyes. There is theory that they are more emotionally and physically aware.

Alien-origin theories are connected with the pregnancies of the RH negative blood type women. According to these theories, women with RH negative blood type, find it very hard to deliver their baby because their body naturally is trying to kill the RH positive child. Only with medical intervention, this birth can take place and be safe for the baby.

From this point of view, we can only read about what science has discovered, which is not enough about alien conspiracy theories because they can only be found online, on blogs or different kind of discussions.

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