Your Personality Traits Based on Chinese Zodiac

Your Personality Traits Based on Chinese Zodiac

Not sure if you’re aware, but the Chinese Zodiac signs can reveal some very entertaining info about your personality traits.

Your Chinese Zodiac sign can be determined on the basis of the year you were born in. It is important to note though that the Chinese year does not begin as the regular calendar does but in late January or early February.

If you were born in at the beginning of January or before the beginning of the Chinese Year you should probably check the sign assigned for the previous year because it will probably match your character.

Here are the twelve Chinese Zodiac animal signs and their characteristics:

1.     Rat

Years: 1912; 1924; 1936; 1948; 1960; 1972; 1984; 1996; 2008; 2020

People born in the years of the Chinese Zodiac sign Rat possess charm and compassion, and have no trouble for social interactions. They are usually prominent persons and are daring when business is in the game, although they can be judicial and quarrelsome. Rats are exceptionally good at grasping information and new ideas; they are imaginative and possess singular intellectual strengths. This is why they are often very good at seeing things that others cannot or are not good at. They might seem a tad opportunistic and take too many responsibilities. Nevertheless, they very much appreciate any kind of relationships and are very cordial and zealous when in love.

2.     Ox

1913; 1925; 1937; 1949; 1961; 1973; 1985; 1997; 2009; 2021

People born during the year of the Ox are good at facing and finding their way through all kinds of situations. They cope with their duties systematically and are much valued for their self-awareness and abilities. Their negative side is that they are sometime chauvinistic and difficult, defending their interest to the end. They might not have a varied personal life, but their commitment and sense for responsibility are to admire. People born in the year of the Ox are unconditionally dedicated to their families and loved ones.

3.     Tiger

1914; 1926; 1938; 1950; 1962; 1974; 1986; 1998; 2010; 2022

Individuals born in the year of the Chinese Zodiac sign Tiger are delicate and in coordination with their feelings, they are great as lovers and partners in general. They need equilibrium for their need to dominate and their lust for love; they want to be independent from love and they openly bring frankness and passion to the relationship seeking the other to reciprocate. They are very much self-aware, which is easily shaken at times by criticism. They have an inborn restlessness. They become great leaders due to their ability to recover well from negative situations and show dignity and braveness in the face on any challenge they encounter.

4.     Rabbit (Hare)

1915; 1927; 1939; 1951; 1963; 1975; 1987; 1999; 2011; 2023

People born in the Year of the Rabbit are popular, mostly because they are loving, friendly and well-mannered. They stay out of quarrels, argues, and conflicts. They are easily distracted by fun and often have the habit of forgetting the needs of the ones they love without having a clue about it. Even though they like to have lots of fun, they are tranquil, rather conventional and intelligent. They are sometimes considered as superficial due to being sentimental, but they are very affectionate. All they want is secure relationships.

5.     Dragon

1916; 1928; 1940; 1952; 1964; 1976; 1988; 2000; 2012; 2024

Individuals born in the year of the Chinese Zodiac sign the Dragon have a charming vibe about them and are always energetic. They are very intellectual and succeed in what they pursue. At times they come across as noisy and rowdy, but they follow their own path and don’t want to be confined by rules. Their passion for perfection makes them seem very rigorous on others and on themselves; however they are willing to succeed and really like challenges and circumstances in which they can make use of their skills and drives. Even though they are not very devoted when relationships are in question, they do appreciate a soul mate that can keep them alive.

6.     Snake

1917; 1929; 1941; 1953; 1965; 1977; 1989; 2001; 2013; 2025

People born in the year of the Snake are very deep thinkers. They are very wise and usually work unnoticeably to reach what they want, that others cannot even realize it. They also posses charm and have a romantic side, seeking graceful relationships. They can be very jealous too. They are considered as reserved persons and often spend time alone. They are not as popular as the other signs when it comes to social interactions. Nevertheless, this suits them as they prefer being alone to mingling with people.

7.     Horse

1918; 1930; 1942; 1954; 1966; 1978; 1990; 2002; 2014; 2026

People born in the year of the Horse try very hard in everything they do, especially at work. They are always ready to dedicate to hard work that will bring them success, except if they feel if its below them. Horse people tend to be impetuous, particularly in their love life, and often burst due to their spirit. They prefer working individually so team-work is not for them. They also might come across as egotistic, but their intelligence and way with words help them in any social situation. They are usually popular.

8.     Ram

1919; 1931; 1943; 1955; 1967; 1979; 1991; 2003; 2015; 2027

People born in the year of the Ram are pleasant and attractive, socially graceful but quite conservative on the other hand. They are cordial, delicate and conscientious persons. They are often in love with nature, the arts, cultures, and are very creative by nature. Their negative traits are that they often feel physical discomfort and are complaining about it, and can be very pessimistic. There is no middle for them they are either impeccably self-aware or shy and quiet. In a relationship however, they fill most fulfilled if there is long-term security.

9.     Monkey

1920; 1932; 1944; 1956; 1968; 1980; 1992; 2004; 2016; 2028

Monkey people are highly intellectual and energetic. They have a personality that’s attracted to crowds. They are charming with a pinch of eccentricity to them, and they have the gift of jabber. They are witty, smart and can turn every situation into a funny one. On the negative side, people feel as if they can’t trust them due to their constant love for tricks and laughs. Monkey people often have hard time settling in one place and they often switch between careers. Nevertheless they can easily succeed in dynamic environments and relationships.

10. Rooster

1921; 1933; 1945; 1957; 1969; 1981; 1993; 2005; 2017; 2029

Rooster people are very diligent and industrious at work, and they have no trouble to express what they think. They believe that they have a strong right to share their opinion.

Those born in the year of this sign have a sense of diligence and industry when it comes to work, plus they’re having a natural ease when expressing their opinion. They love attention and try everything to gain it. They are genuine and loyal and have many friends. They set high standards and because of that they achieve their goals.

11. Dog

1922; 1934; 1946; 1958; 1970; 1982; 1994; 2006; 2018; 2030

People born in the year of the Chinese Zodiac sign the Dog are notable for being loyal and honest in every situation. They focus their attention to one subject-matter and give their heart and soul, regardless if it’s something they do as a hobby or for work. They abide strictly to their principles of justness and fair play and are very creative when it comes to solving a problem. They often criticize and are sharp-tongued, but as friends and partners they are very reliable. Sometimes they don’t know how to forgive and hold a grudge for a long time. They deeply require stable, long-term relationships and will be forever truthful when they find their soul mate.

12. Pig

1923; 1935; 1947; 1959; 1971; 1983; 1995; 2007; 2019; 2031

Individuals born in the year of the Chinese Zodiac sign the Pig are great friends because they display tolerance, kindness, sincerity, and intellectual strengths. This helps them be the stars of important conversations. Their intelligence allows them to pursue high goals and achieve them eventually. They have harmonious social lives, because they are able to overlook people’s flaws and see only the good in them. They are witty and funny, but are very vulnerable, almost naïve as they expect for people to be same as they are. One of the greatest weaknesses of the pig is that they get enraged when people don’t reciprocate to their kindness. Pig people want to indulge in physical and material pleasures, but appreciate deeply their families and homes.

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