The photo of the last Northern White Rhino breaks everyone’s hearts, as it goes viral on the social media

The photo of the last Northern White Rhino breaks everyone’s hearths, as it goes viral on the social media

Daniel Schneider, traveler, biologist, observer, humanist, and activist, on his tweeter account, posted a picture of the last male northern white rhino in the world. This post received over 40.000 like and retweets.

Sudan is the last male rhino in the world and there are only two female rhinos left, Najin which is his daughter and his granddaughter Fatu.

These three rhinos alongside Suni (a male rhino who died in 2014) were moved to Kenya in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy from the Czech Republic in 2009. They were moved to Kenya because it was hoped that an environment that is closer to their natural habitat might encourage the rhinos to breed.

Unfortunately, that did not happen because they discovered that Najin and Fatu cannot reproduce naturally and Sudan’s sperm count is very low.

Sudan is 43 years old and rhinos can live up to 50 years and with an average age of death being 40, can only mean that these species are running out of time.

The researcher in order to raise awareness created Tinder account for Sudan. The account says that Sudan is literary one of a kind and the fate of his species depends on him. On a funny note, it says that he is performing well under pressure and from activities he enjoys eating grass and chilling in the mud.

The illegal hunting and capturing of the rhinos in Africa have been fatal to this breed, and the effort of the conservations to protect the Southern White Rhinos has made a huge success. This species was almost instinct by the poachers in 1895, but today there are about 20.000 of this species and are the only kind of rhinos that are not endangered.

But the hope for the Northern White Rhino is not dead, and the conservationists hope to raise 1 million dollars for fertilization techniques that will help this species.

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