Physical Touch Is Very Important And Here Are The 5 Reasons Why

Physical touch is very important and here are the 5 reasons why

We tend to believe that hearing and vision are the most important senses, but the truth is that touch is more important than those two.

We touch so many things during the day, from objects to actual living beings therefore touch is super important sense and here are the reasons why.

1.    It can help with healing.

Acupuncture and massages include touching. Babies tend to get calmer when their mother or father touches them. It can also be healing for our minds, you can realize a lot about someone’s feeling towards you by the way they are touching you.

2.    You can receive and give positive energy by touching.

Science is backing this claim because when we touch someone we care, the body releases oxytocin. This hormone is also called the feel-good hormone and it helps us receive and give positive energy. The release of oxytocin leads us to feel better.

3.    It can help you get what you want from other people.

We often mechanically put our hands on someone, while we are asking a favor. Touching a person can actually help you with getting what you were asking.

4.    With the help of the touch, we can connect better with other people.

Trough touching we can feel the connection to other people, whether it is only a friendly touch or it is much more than that.  No matter what someone is feeling about you, a single touch can tell you a lot about his/her feelings.  But, there is nothing better than a sincere hug from someone who has good intentions.

5.    It is also a way for communication.

When you touch someone, you two create a bond that later helps you communicate better with that person. All our dreams, desires, hopes, failures get easier to express when touching is involved. We all know that warm feeling that comes when someone you care deeply about is giving you a hug.

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